We know you are on cloud nine because you are pregnant. Though pregnancy is challenging, it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the life of the woman. A woman feels proud thinking she is going to give birth to a new life forgetting all the pains. And this is something everyone should applaud for.

We said pregnancy is challenging. And undoubtedly, it is challenging. This is why the would-be-mother and everyone around her take extra precautions. The pregnant woman stops doing many things to ensure the pregnancy goes well and she gives birth to a healthy child. Due to her fear, she even stops exercising.

Being safe for the well-being of the coming child is good but restricting yourself from different activities is not recommended. Most importantly, it makes you inactive, leading to other health problems. So, you should exercise during pregnancy.

Other reasons to exercise during pregnancy 

Reduces gestational diabetes 

As a type of diabetes, gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy and is caused by high blood sugar. Commonly, a pregnant woman suffers from gestational diabetes in the second and third trimester, causing complications to post birth. Early detection is important for its proper management.

The risk of gestational diabetes is diabetes postpartum. The newborn baby is at risk of type 2 diabetes. By being active, you can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

Lowers gestational weight gain Gaining weight during pregnancy is common and you shouldn’t worry about it. But, if you start looking a certain way due to weight gain during pregnancy, you should take this matter seriously.

It’s said that physically-active women during pregnancy gain less weight than those who stay inactive. There is a huge difference in the numbers. The worst thing is women with more than recommended weight gain stay significantly heavier long term. So, you should continue to exercise.

Improves mental health 

Along with physical health, mental health matters during pregnancy. It’s because women lose calm and there are lots of mood swings during pregnancy. The reason is the change and fluctuation in hormones.

Due to this, women get affected differently, impacting the pregnancy period. By exercising, you will lower the scores on a test measuring symptoms of depression and feel better.

How to exercise safely during pregnancy

Talk to your doctor 

Generally, it’s safe to exercise during pregnancy. But, still, you should talk to your doctor. You should get permission before hitting your workout schedule. Your doctor will advise if exercising is safe or not. If there are some complications, the doctor will reject your request or advise some precautionary steps. Be honest with your doctor.

Hire a personal trainer 

Exercising alone or in the gym is not safe during pregnancy. So, you should look for an experienced personal trainer in Surrey. The personal trainer knows which exercises you can do and which you should avoid. During the training session, the personal trainer will make sure that you don’t get hurt. With a personal trainer, you don’t have to worry about pushing yourself too hard.

During pregnancy, exercising is important to stay physically and mentally. But, make sure you consult your doctor and work out under the guidance of a personal trainer.