Best Exercises to Help Strengthen Lower Back and Abdominals

Does the pain in your lower back disrupt your much-need sleep at night? You might be wondering if you have had any injuries recently. However, most of the time, it is due to the weakened core muscles. The core muscle, which is the abdominal muscle and back muscle combined, needs to be strong. If it is at its prime, it prevents back pain and helps in easy movements.

Top exercises to strengthen the lower back and abdominals

There are numerous exercises that can help you gain strength in the core muscles. You must take this seriously as old age tends to weaken these crucial muscles. Take a look at these exercises detailed here.

Trunk curl
To do this exercise –
• Begin with lying on the ground with arms on the chest in a criss-cross way and knees bent (both).
• Now, use the abdomen’s upper muscles to elevate the trunk portion of your body from the ground slightly.
• You must hold this stance for at least 5 seconds.
• Now, lower down the trunk part slowly towards the ground.

Note: The exercise is specifically meant to lift the chest rather than the neck or head.

Knee-to-chest stretches
To conduct this exercise –
• Lie down on the ground and bend the knees but keep your feet firmly on the floor.
• Now, with both hands, pull the left knee towards the chest.
• Hold the position for at least 5 seconds, and make sure that your spine presses onto the floor.
• Then, relax the position and try the same with the right knee.
• Repeat the entire exercise 2-3 times. You can do this two times per day.

Back Extension
To conduct this exercise –
• Firstly, take a fitness ball, lie down, and ensure that your chest and hips hug the ball. Keep the face down, arms crossed, while you straighten the legs behind.
• Then, slowly elevate your chest from the ball and make sure that the shoulder blades are in the direction of the sky.
• Hold this position for a breath and then release.

Note: You can also open your arms in a flying stance to help you do the chest lift.

Exercises are vital if you want to get rid of the never-ending back pain. If you conduct these exercises daily, soon, you can develop a strong core. However, make sure that you set up realistic expectations when it comes to achieving fitness goals.

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How a London Personal Trainer can Help Develop your Cardiovascular Endurance?

If we have to make a pick for a set of exercises that improvise your overall physical fitness, then cardiovascular endurance exercises are the best. Cardiovascular endurance basically involves three major muscle groups that control the overall functioning of a human body – heart, lungs and blood vessels. All these are set of complex muscle groups and cardiovascular endurance exercises are done to enhance the working capacity of these muscle groups which affect the overall efficiency of human body.

Besides, there are several other benefits also, but you must choose right set of exercises as per your body type and status to get the right results. And to help you in this, role of a personal trainer is highly recommended. They are experts in this field with years of experience in dealing with different body types, so they are the best to take you on this journey of cardiovascular endurance.

Benefits of cardiovascular exercise:

The best part about cardiovascular exercise is that it helps in overall health development. Some of the benefits of cardiovascular exercises are:

1. It helps in improving the heart rate.
2. It enhances blood circulation.
3. Helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity.
4. Reduces excess body weight.
5. Reduces the blood pressure.
6. Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL)

Why hire a personal trainer?

Most of us head towards a gym for gaining optimal fitness level, but hiring a personal trainer in North London is always more beneficial. Below mentioned are some of the reasons explaining the same.

1. They will focus on your strength and weakness- One of the first advantages of hiring a personal trainer is that they will help you learn the basics of cardiovascular exercises first. They will plan a regime for you based on frequency, intensity, type and time of the exercise. They will help you in choosing right set of cardiovascular exercises, how many reps and sets you should do for improving your endurance and also make sure that you don’t overdo it.

2. They will make your exercise session versatile- People often get bored and exhausted if they continuously do high-intensity exercises. It will not only make your workout routines boring, but it will also lead you to weight loss plateaus where you will stop losing weight. Having a personal trainer will bring new perspective in your old routine and make it more interesting and challenging. He will try new ideas and new equipments and modify your regime accordingly to add more fun and versatility. They can club together different cardio workouts like HIIT training, circuit training, cross-training to make it more interesting.

3. Get the results- If you have been on a cardiovascular exercise routine for several weeks or months and you haven’t seen any significant result, then personal trainer can be of great help to you. Trainer will first evaluate your program and verify whether you have set realistic goal or not. He will accordingly modify the workout program to deliver effective results and make it more efficient. He will add the required training also when needed.

So, now you know why hiring a personal trainer would be a good choice for you if you are looking for cardiovascular endurance.

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Why is Personal Training Good for Physical and Mental Health?

Around 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues. Despite knowing the importance of mental health, most of us tend to ignore its importance. We only pay attention to it when the things go out of our hand. But one can do many things to enhance physical and mental well-being, and one of them is personal training. A fit and healthy body, not only ensures good health, but it also ensures that you feel more confident and happy about yourself.

How does physical training help?

Hiring a personal trainer for personal training can be beneficial in several ways. Nowadays, people are hiring personal trainer in London to get personalized training that can give good results.

1. They will keep you motivated- One of the first benefits of personal training is that a personal trainer will keep you motivated. They guide you and mentor you with the right set of exercises that will eventually help you become a healthy person. They will monitor your growth and will tweak the exercise regime as required. Moreover, they will keep you up on the toes so that you don’t miss your exercise routine

2. Interact with you- You can certainly opt for exercising all by yourself, but is it really helpful? You may feel bored and would have no one to interact with, but personal training under an instructor will give you a partner, who can motivate you, guide you and talk to you. This helps in boosting morale.

3. Get good results- If a person is undergoing physical training, then they want to see the results. And so the efforts must be made in the right direction. For example, you want to have abs; then you have to follow the exercises that can help build the abs. Personal training helps you with this. An instructor knows about the right set of exercises to help build a stronger abdomen.

4. Break the monotony- Following the same routine and exercise can be monotonous. So you must hire a personal training coach who can add versatility to your exercise regime, and thus help you get good results. Moreover, they ensure that you don’t get bored while exercising.

These are a few of the ways via which personal training helps in boosting physical and mental well-being. Remember, you must exercise regularly, and having a personal training coach will amp up the benefits.

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Breathing Techniques to Help When you are Running

Running is considered as one of the best forms of exercise, but people often feel short of breath when running too fast. Many people complain that faster running impacts their breathing, and they lose their efficacy while running. So, we have enlisted a few tips that will help you support your breathing and let you know the right way to breathe more easily and effectively to ensure no problem occurs while running.

Tips to follow:

1. Breather from your Stomach- The first step that you need to follow is to breathe from your belly. Most of the people tend to breathe from their chest which is known as shallow breathing, and this isn’t the best way to increase oxygen intake. Shallow breathing doesn’t allow full usage of lung capacity while breathing. When you are running, you need to inhale the right amount of oxygen, and the right way to ensure this is by breathing from your stomach or diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing maximizes the intake of oxygen and relaxes your body as a result.

2. Inhale and Exhale from the Mouth- Another piece of advice that we would like to give is that you must breathe from both mouth and nose. Only breathing from mouth can result in hyperventilation, whereas breathing only through nose won’t provide sufficient oxygen while running. Hence, you must emphasize on using combination of both mouth and nose for inhaling and exhaling while on the run. This way, you can maintain a steady oxygen intake and exhale out carbon dioxide in a better way. For, this you need to practice inhaling and exhaling from both mouth and nose. With this basic tip, you can increase your intake of oxygen, thereby enhancing your running performance.

3. Follow Breathing Exercise- If you really wish to gain the most from running, then you must follow some breathing exercises. These specific breathing techniques help to optimize function and capacity of lungs and also help to develop breath awareness. You can achieve this by practicing any of the following breathing exercise that best suits your body:

i) Equal breathing
ii) Numbered breathing
ii) Alternate nostril breathing

4. Rhythmic Breathing- You must emphasize this aspect. Rhythmic breathing allows maximum inhalation of oxygen without putting much stress on your body. Every time you run, the force impacts your body and leads to stress. To prevent this, one must alternate exhaling between right and left foot. Rhythmic breathing puts less pressure on the diaphragm, thus balances the stress impact on the body. You can follow a 3:2 pattern, inhale for 3-foot strikes and exhale for two.

5. Check the Weather- If you are prone to allergies, you must check the weather. For example, certain weather conditions trigger an asthmatic response. To overcome this, you must avoid running in those weather conditions that trigger such a response.

Concluding Note

These are the basic tips that you can follow to enhance the efficiency of running and get the maximum benefit from it. Regular running ensures good heart health and also keeps your body fit. You can use treadmill for this, but for best results, running in the fresh air is always considered the best.

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Looking to Get Fit and in Shape for the Summer?

With summers fast approaching, it is time to pack away those heavy woolens. You are glad that soon you need not hide under those heavy coats and cardigans. Summers are the time when you want to hit the beach and wear easy-breezy clothes, relax and bask under the sun. So, if you are looking to get that perfect beach body avatar, this is the right time to start exercising. The rich winter diet and a lethargic time indoors have indeed changed the way your body looks.

Well, if you want to get into your older clothes from last summer, you need to sweat to your fittest self. No more of that talking, and it is time to wear your running shoes and start shaping up for the summers.

Given below are some cool ideas on how to get back in shape and look cool this summer:

• Begin jogging- Shop for trail running shoes and hit the trails in your neighbourhood and nature around. You can explore different parks and trails and add some variety and fun to your workout.

• Join some sports- Why not join a sports league to enjoy some team camaraderie. Some fine examples are soccer and softball games where you can develop team skills as well as develop the game strategies to win.

• Workout under a trainer- For more effective results, you can also start your workout regime under an expert trainer. Create a baseline fitness test and check out the development of the muscle strength of your body. You can measure your body fitness by counting the number of push-ups you can do or for how many minutes you can hold a plank.

• Start yoga- Along with your body benefits, work on your mind benefits too, and the best way to do this is by incorporating some yoga exercises. A good yoga session works wonders for your body and calms the mind, leaving you rejuvenated.

• HIIT Training- You can improve your body’s aerobic capacity with the help of full-body strengthening exercises. What you need is high-intensity interval training to sculpt those hidden muscles and burn the fat.

• Start with some new set of exercises- Discover a new fitness exercise if you are bored with the seam routine. For example, you could do weight training and cardiovascular exercise on alternate days or insets Pilates or bootcamps with other people to break the monotony.

• Eat healthily- Last but not least, cut down on the calories and follow the right nutrition and exercise to get back in shape. The aim should not be just to lose weight but to be healthy. Consult a dietitian for a new diet plan that suits your body type and metabolism.

These are some of the ways through which you can achieve a perfect body by the time summer unfolds, but don’t stop midway, continue doing the right set of exercises and eating healthy to have fit body and mind.

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Why Is It Important To Follow A Nutritional Program?

We all dream to have a fit body, but this is not merely a result of rigorous exercising, one has to create the right blend of eating habits, a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Eating right is the most crucial aspect of achieving fitness and remaining healthy. No amount of hard work in the gym will be enough to sustain your body’s physical attributes if your diet is not right. Moreover, the impact of junk food on our diet and body is a grave concern, and it may result in severe physical conditions in the future. However, in this current age governed by the ease of accessing, unhealthy food habits have become the new norm.

However, if you are willing to work on your fitness goals and remain healthy for the rest of your life, you might need to change a few unhealthy eating habits and incorporate healthy food items into your diet. These food habits will act as healthy resources for your body and play a crucial role in your mind’s well-being.

Here Are Some Tips To Improve Your Nutritional Diet Regime

1. Completely Cut Out The Junk

The first thing that you need to end in your food is junk food and fast foods. These have a high amount of sugar, and fats which are not good for your health. They may satiate your tastebuds, but it impacts the overall fitness adversely.

2. Eat Greens

This is a remark all of us have heard since our childhood, but most of us never cared about vegetables while we were young. However, green vegetables are super friendly in any diet regime due to the high levels of antioxidants.

3. Focus On Rich And Natural Sources Of Protein

Protein is something that you should not miss in your diet. Eggs, chicken, bacon, etc., are some foods that contain a high amount of proteins, and as a result, it is essential to include them in our diets. Since meat could be cooked in several delightful ways, you can treat yourself to some healthy and tasty food items with rich protein sources.

• Never Compromise On Your Eating Habits

Once you have adjusted to the new norms and have begun to eat and live a healthy life, it is highly recommended not to be distracted by the junk being served across the road. However, it is challenging to control the urge, and we crave to eat something tasteful, even if it is unhealthy.

We want to share a bonus point with you that you must not skip drinking lots of water. It acts a cleanser and also keeps your body hydrated.


During times such as these, you are recommended to munch on some healthy snacks made from whole and cereal. Although such recipes are not as delightful as fast food, you will be able to tone the craving down.

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