Reasons you should train at home or in your garden

Reasons you should train at home or in your garden

The idea of going to a gym and working out with a group of people can seem intimidating to a lot of people, especially after the recent pandemic. People are trying to minimize interacting with each other in-person.  

And, not just that, long commutes and busy schedules make it difficult for busy professionals to commit to working out. 

But what if we told you that there is a way out? 

Working out at your own place.  

Not only does this option offer convenience, but it also provides numerous other benefits that can enhance your fitness journey. 

One of the primary advantages of training at home or in your garden is the flexibility it offers. You do not have to hit the gym when they operate. You can exercise whenever you want, wherever you want. 

Finding a personal trainer near me can sometimes be a challenge. If you live in a remote area or a location without easy access to fitness facilities, the idea of searching for a “personal trainer near me” might yield limited results. . 

Home-based workouts also offer you the privacy you need. Some people are particularly hesitant to work out with several others who have trained for years. For others, the thought of exercising in a crowded gym setting might seem intimidating, particularly if they are beginners. Training at home allows you to focus solely on your workout without feeling self-conscious.  

And that’s the great thing about My Home Personal Trainer. Whether you’re a beginner just starting your fitness journey or an experienced athlete looking to push your limits, our personal trainer Woking is more than happy to travel to your place and offer private sessions at your schedule. 

This means you don’t have to travel to the gym every single day and spend time and money on gas. 

When you train in a garden or a place that suits your needs, it allows you to customize your environment entirely to your needs. You can play your favorite music, set the temperature to your liking, and create a space that motivates and inspires you.  

 This personalized environment can boost your overall workout experience and deliver results at a pace you like. 

 When you decide to train at home or in your garden, it can offer several other benefits as well. For example, training at home is a lot more cost-effective than taking a gym membership and visiting the gym on a daily basis. You’ll save money on gym memberships, transportation, and other associated expenses with time.  

 Thanks to technological advancement, the rise of online fitness platforms and virtual training options has made it easy for everyone within the UK to access professional guidance and workout routines. You have YouTube and Instagram, but you can train with personal trainer Woking to get personalized training sessions designed for you. In fact, training at home has never been easier. 

 So, schedule a session with My Home Personal Trainer and we will share with your unique training methodology that sets us up. Contact us for a free taster session now!  

The Three Best Cardio Exercises Your Personal Trainer Should Know

The Three Best Cardio Exercises Your Personal Trainer Should Know

Regardless of whether you want to shed weight, build strong muscles, or increase endurance, the right cardio workouts are extremely important. These days, different people have different mindsets and fitness goals. That means; it is imperative for a personal trainer to have in-depth knowledge about different cardiovascular exercises to help his/her clients enhance their cardiovascular endurance and improve overall health and well-being.

If you are looking to work with a personal trainer in South London, before investing your time, efforts, and money, ensure your fitness coach or personal trainer knows the underneath-mentioned cardio exercises.

  1. Long Slow Distance Cardio

People usually refer to this long slow distance cardio as state cardio as it incorporates aerobic workouts at an unchanging pace without any intervals for a certain time period. Some examples of this cardio are- walking, jogging, or riding a bicycle for 20 to 40 minutes.

Long slow distance cardio is perfect for newbies or beginners, as they can work as per the pace they want and slowly and steadily increase the length of their workout once becoming fit. Additionally, this kind of cardio is also optimal for you and others if you are making a comeback to exercise post-injury or surgery.

  1. HIIT/Interval Training

First and foremost, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a kind of cardio exercise that involves a certain aerobic activity performed at high-intensity levels for a short span, followed by a recovery period. The recovery period is crucial as cardio exercises are known for pumping muscles, and muscles need time to recover. During the recovery time, activity is performed at a slower pace so that your body gets the time to snap back.

This HIIT training can be utilized by any fitness freak by boosting the time he/she puts in exercising or adding more sets. On the off chance, that you are looking forward to athletic competition or want to improve glucose metabolism, HIIT sessions will be ideal for you.

  1. Circuit Training

It is a kind of training that incorporates alternating aerobic and anaerobic exercise to double the workout efforts. The perfect example for circuit training would be jogging or running for a continuous five minutes, then performing sit-ups or push-ups for a minute or two.

Circuit training is generally performed in a “round robin” where people jog or run to different stations to perform their exercises. A circuiting training is a great choice for group team building and can also be utilized to reduce boredom.

Several Personal trainers in South London choose circuit training when there is no time to perform various exercises because it covers cardio and strength training both.

Without a doubt, each and every exercise has its pros and cons. However, your personal trainer can suggest which cardiovascular exercise would be best for improving your overall health and well-being. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Is a strong Core necessary to live a healthy life?

Is a strong Core necessary to live a healthy life?

To live a healthy life, strong core muscles play a big part. To appreciate how powerful your core muscles are, it is crucial to comprehend what makes up your core muscles. These days, more than 40% of people believe that the term core and abs are synonymous; however, this is far from the truth!

Though the abdominal muscles include the core, it also incorporates several muscles that move the buttocks and back.

In this write-up, we have mentioned the three major reasons to understand the significance of a strong core.

  1. A strong core safeguards you from pain and injury

With a strong core, you can activate and engage that cylinder whenever your spine or organs are at risk, for example, when performing a deadlift or intense heavy squat. According to some studies, it has been concluded that core strength training can help reduce back pain; however, some research shows that a total-body strength workout may be highly effective in comparison to core strength training alone.


Having powerful core muscles permits you to keep your spine in a neutral and safe position when you move, instead of flexing, extending, or rotating, which can lead to hurting yourself brutally.


No matter whether you are working with a personal trainer or mobile personal trainer, he/she will give you real insights into how to perform strength training with utmost precision.


  1. A strong core enhances performance

Did you know that your core is solely responsible for all kinds of movements such as twirling your ankle, and if you do this while standing, your core will still support you. The whole sole purpose of your core muscles is to enable you to bend, twist, flex, extend, step, jump, sit up, and simply stand.


The stronger your core, the better you can perform these movements. Many of you might be thinking that the benefits of core training are only limited to professional athletes. Not true! The average person working with a personal and mobile personal trainer can also reap advantages from core strength training.


Once you kick-start your core strength training, you will see the major difference when performing recreational activities such as rowing, paddling, and rock climbing. However, if you exercise to improve your core fitness, you will become highly energetic and active.


  1. A strong core boost one’s quality of life

Along with other things, strengthening the core is also very important and beneficial. And the best part is you will start reaping the perks immediately. If you are a young adult and adventurous, a strong core will enable you to take part more in recreational activities with utmost safety.


For example, you can perform complicated tasks such as difficult hikes needing more rock scrambling, paddleboard in open water instead of enclosed canals, or learn to skateboard or surf.


Furthermore, if you are in your 30s, your core will enable you to take part in sports with your kids or perform intense exercise along with your pooch safely. This also suggests that you can cherish your favorite hobbies without having fear of hurting your back; it also means you can polish your home-improvement jobs without seeking an outsider’s help.


Without any denial, when you hit middle age, keeping up with a strong core becomes extremely important for living a healthy and sound life.

So, if you are thinking about living your life to the fullest, ensure to work on your core strength. For any further help, please feel free to get in touch with our team of professionals.




Why Choose To Hire A Personal Trainer With My Home Personal Trainer

Why Choose To Hire A Personal Trainer With My Home Personal Trainer

Choosing the right personal trainer can be a tough decision. There are so many gyms and individual trainers out there, each claiming to be the best. Some claim they have the best-in-class workout equipment. Others say they have experience training celebrities and athletes. How do you shortlist the right personal trainer then?


Well, fitness training sessions deliver the best results only when they revolve around your fitness goals.


As a matter of fact, it’s all about customizing the plan to the client’s needs.


Personal training requires attention to detail from the expert. We, at My Home Personal Trainer, start by offering a free consultation. This is particularly important to understand the client’s lifestyle and physical limitations. You can tell our personal trainer about health conditions, if any, for example, knee replacement, heart conditions, etc., so we can take the necessary precautions before starting out.


This is followed by creating a custom workout and diet plan. Our personal trainers know there’s no one-plan-works-for-all. Each person’s expectations are different. So are their bodily abilities. This is why we create training plans from scratch. This is also one of the reasons My Home Personal Trainer delivers excellent results every time.


Once our personal trainer has created a custom training plan for you, we work with you to schedule a convenient time and place for you. Our personal trainer will visit your preferred location and at a time chosen by you. Most of the training plans include bodyweight and free weight exercises. You don’t need to worry about buying equipment. Our fitness coach will carry the required equipment to your place to facilitate training.


We also have training plans for individuals, couples, and groups. You can also schedule training sessions for corporates. Our trainer will visit your workplace to offer your desired training.


We know not all of you might be comfortable training with a personal trainer of a particular gender, which is why you can choose from male and female personal trainers.


Remember, fitness training is not all about bodybuilding. Every personal training goals are different. To ensure we meet your expectations, we offer strength, cardio, weight loss, flexibility, endurance as well. We also have experienced and certified pre-natal and post-natal personal trainers who will work with you to offer safe exercises.


Our expert personal trainers will also suggest the number of training sessions based on your fitness goals and lifestyle. However, we understand sometimes work commitments may not allow the liberty to attend all training sessions at the committed time. We are flexible and allow you to reschedule training sessions in most cases.


My Home Personal Trainer is UK’s leading fitness training network that collaborates with only the best and certified trainers. Our objective is to offer you the convenience of working out on your schedule and under the supervision of highly experienced professionals. Don’t be blocked by gym hours. Request on-demand personal training sessions, and training comfortable at your own pace.

How to Train Like an Olympian to Stay Fit and Healthy?

How to Train Like an Olympian to Stay Fit and Healthy?

Right now, everyone is following fitness after watching the Tokyo Olympics. You can learn a lot from world-class athletes, whether it’s fitness or following the diet. The process that helps Olympians master their bodies and mind to win medals can help you improve your health, fitness, and overall well-being.

Whether you want to be an athlete or feel healthy into your great years, these training methods can help you create and sustain lifelong health habits and employ you to unlock the healthier version of yourself.

Here are a few tips to help stay fit like Olympians:

  1. Get a Coach and Trainer


Even though Olympic athletes possess the rare talent and work ethics, they require a coach and personal trainer to help set the record and win the medal. A coach provides critical outside viewpoint, answerability, and motivation.


If you’re not planning to be an athlete, you can work with a personal trainer to help create and sustain healthy habits. Trainers will offer the expertise, accountability, and motivation required to accomplish your fitness goals in the safest, efficient way possible.


  1. Trust the Process


One can’t become a successful Olympian overnight. To reach the top level, you need years of practice and hard work. Athletes and their trainers assess what is necessary to achieve their target. They practice trust and patience while focusing on detail done consistently.


The same goes for your fitness. You need to change your habit and stick to your health routine to stay fit. The trainer can modify the fitness plan as you advance. Remember, changes will not come overnight. If you follow the health regime and continue to fall short of your expectations, make changes to your plan but never abandon it altogether.


  1. Recovery is Crucial


Training hard is essential to get to your desired shape, but recovery is more crucial. Your fitness regime is the stimulus for growth, but recovery is when improvement occurs. Without proper sleep, nutrition, and other recovery aspects, your fitness training will be a complete waste.


Recovery helps refill your tank, so these should be voluntary and planned. Pushing yourself all day only to fall on your bed is barely an effective recovery relationship. What you need is a time-efficient routine that you can perform during the course of your day to endure your energy and performance.


Monitor how hard and frequently you exercise. If you feel you’re sore, injured, or stagnant most of the time, replace your high-intensity exercise with a low-intensity day or take days off in between your routine.


  1. Focus More on Quality Training over Quantity


You can’t reach the level of professional athletes when starting. Olympians understand that while a certain degree of quantity is essential, it’s the quality that matters more and can help them become champions.


Olympians prepare correctly and strategically. Also, they don’t put any training stress on their bodies than necessary. The same thing applies to the Non-Olympians. Enhancing the workout quality doesn’t necessarily mean making your heart rate skyrocket.


It could mean trying various aspects of technique or switching up the activities you perform to be more definite to your projected goals. Working with a personal trainer Surrey is an excellent first step to maximize the quality and efficiency of your fitness plan.


As you get inspired by the professional Olympic athletes, consider how these principles could assist you on your journey to health and fitness.

3 Reasons To Train Outside On A Summer’s Day

3 Reasons To Train Outside On A Summer’s Day

How often have you seen anyone train out in the open, under the sun on a nice summer day? And do you think it will cause more harm than benefits? Well, you need to think again and understand the benefits of training in the open. This article will help you understand why you should consider training in the open and learn to acclimatize your body to these conditions.

When you hire a personal trainer to help you with your training routine, they will help you train better and understand the benefits of inculcating other exercise elements. One such element of exercising is training out in the open on a bright summer day. Therefore, let us understand the reasons to train outside on a summer day.

Reasons to train outside on a summer day

If you think training outside in the sun will be dehydrating and exhausting and put your body under extreme stress, then you might be wrong. Yes, it might get dehydrating. Furthermore, it will make your body endure more and help you incorporate extreme heat conditions. Therefore, let us understand all the benefits of training out in the summers.

  1. Increase the blood plasma level

Practising a healthy exercise routine is very beneficial; it makes you stay fit and makes you more and more comfortable even in extreme conditions. Additionally, hiring a fitness coach will train you to work out under the sun.  One such benefit is that the level of plasma in the blood increases.

This happens because while you are training in excess heat, your body starts to sweat and to maintain the balance of heat in your body. This, in turn, is also beneficial for your cardiovascular systems and keeps you away from any kind of heart or blood disease. However, this only happens when you maintain a routine of exercising in the sun and not in one-time cases. Therefore, if you want to increase the plasma level in your body, ask your fitness coach to help you exercise out in the sun.

  • Increases rate of perspiration

When your body is subjected to extreme exhaustive conditions, the respiration system quickly counters the loss of breath with deep and heavy breaths, which transcend the blood flow, and instantly give you a sense of relief. However, when you train a lot in the sun, your respiration generates a routine, where it automatically starts to respire when it is subjected to heat or other exhaustive conditions. Additionally, it also increases your overall rate of perspiration.

  • Increases muscle energy

If you subjugate your body at once in an exhaustive work, your body feels a shock, which can harm you. However, when your fitness coach help you maintain a routine in exercising out in the heat, your body slowly settles into the new conditions. With time, it makes your muscles and skeleton stronger and durable.

Conclusion While training in the open heat can get pretty exhaustive and cause dehydration, with the proper routine and guidance of a personal trainer, you can increase the durability of your body. It will help you to adapt to extreme weather conditions and also allow you to make yourself more and more durable than any other exhaustive work. Therefore, give yourself some time to train under the sun, and see your body bloom.