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Professional Nutritional Advice

Professional Nutritional Advice

We have the best personal trainers who are also qualified to give nutritional advice and are unmatched when it comes to writing unique weekly nutritional plans for our clients. As a client, you are made to observe your daily consumption (food and drinks). This helps you keep a mental track of what you tack into your body, and also ensures you adhere strictly to your nutritional plan. You are monitored closely by your trainer, who will inform you when you are getting it wrong and encourage you when you’re getting it right. You get the full support of your trainer throughout the journey. Here are a few tips to help you start;

Reasons To Eat Healthily

Your diet suppliers your body with all it needs to move, breath, grow and perform every basic process of life. Essential nutrients and minerals are contained in your food and drinks you consume, which has a great impact on your health. To reduce the risks and the rates of cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses, you need to have a healthy diet, and all this is backed by years of research and evidence. You have just one body, and taking care of it should be your top priority.

Food To Eat

You have to find a balance with your healthy eating habits, much like every other thing in life. Because we can’t focus only on specific meal categories, we need to have a variety of meal groups to get all the necessary nutrients. So, below are some foods that are rich in all the needed nutrients.

Fruits and Vegetables

The larger part of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. Every individual is advised to eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables at the very minimum daily. There are scientific studies that show that eating lots of fruits and vegetables can reduce the chances of getting sicknesses, like certain kinds of cancer and heart disease. It doesn’t matter in what form your portions of fruits come in, withe cooked, dried tinned, etc. Thinking of having 5 portions a day seems like a lot, but there is an array of fruits and vegetables to choose from, and having a fruit salad and a glass of juice can make up most if not all your portions for the day.

Foods High In Protein

For a balanced diet, you need meals that have a high concentration of protein, which includes fish, meat, pulses, and eggs. The most recommended meal on the list is fish, with at least two portions a week, and one portion of an oily fish. This is because fish also contains essential vitamins and minerals, and is packed with omega 3 fatty acids. This has been proven to prevent heart disease and is a great source of vitamins D and A.

Foods To Avoid

In the UK, 85% of men and 69% of women eat more than the needed amount of salt, and this is according to the Foods Standards Agency. Although salt is needed in our diet, the advised daily consumption is nothing more than 6g for adults. Excess salt can lead to an increase in your blood pressure, leading to increased chances of developing heart disease or having a  stroke. Most individuals could be consuming way too much salt without even knowing it, and this is because salt is already present in most of the products we buy. There is a need to check labels for the amount of salt per 100g because most processed foods like pasta sauces, breakfast cereal and the like contain a large amount of salt. To know the amount of salt in a product, check if there is more than 1.5g salt (or o.6g sodium) per 100g, which indicates a high level of salt. If it is below 0.3g salt (or 0.1g sodium) per 100g, then the salt level is low. Figures in between these per 100g means it contains a medium level of salt.


Fat is necessary for our meals, as they help us absorb some vitamins, provides energy, and makes essential fatty acids that cannot be produced available in the body. However, it is advisable to have a moderate amount of fat in your meals. Excess fat means excess energy, and the lack of ability to burn this high amount of energy leads to weight gain.


Just like salt, there is usually too much sugar in our diets than we know. You, therefore, need to ensure that the foods you buy contain the right amount of sugar by checking the label for the list of ingredients. Food and drinks that have added sugars contain calories but are low on other nutrients. So, we are advised to consume them on occasions and not frequently. Certain foods such as milk and fruits have natural sugars, but these are okay for our body. However, we need to cut back on foods that contain added sugars, with the major disadvantage of consuming such foods being tooth decay.

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