Tips That Can Help You to Shape up This Spring

Tips That Can Help You to Shape up This Spring

Spring is the time of new beginnings. Whether it’s about the latest bright fashion, spring cleaning, or tossing out unhealthy winter habits, it is a great time to move forward.

Winter is the season that can make you abstain from adequate workouts due to the arctic temperature. However, don’t need to be too harsh to yourself. Spring is the season that can help you to get back in shape with less effort.

There’s a lot of information about health and fitness is out there, but not every method works the best for every person.  Instead of living in guilt, try the below steps to make a big difference this spring:

Know the “why”

Getting in good shape is not always about losing and gaining weight. It is all about feeling better about yourself, having more energy, and knowing that your body is good. If you can identify why you want to get fit, it will help you to sail through a powerful workout or to say goodbye to all the unhealthy food that you might gulp.

Find ways to stay active each day

When you find the activities that you love, you will find satisfaction in being active every day. Eliminate the excuses and start taking small steps like walking to your favorite place or dancing to your favorite music. Do anything that can help you to get your body moving. This will put you in a much better place mentally than doing completely nothing.

Eat whole food

Don’t worry about counting carbs and calories. Your entire focus should be on fueling your body. Treat your body well with nutritious foods like fruits & vegetables, whole grains, healthy protein, etc. Also, try some healthy and tasty recipes to feel refreshed like smoothies and salads.

Don’t take healthy living as a punishment

Find physical activities and foods that are like a reward for you because that’s what your health is- a gift that makes you happy. Don’t make that healthy lifestyle like a punishment for your body.

Don’t compromise on sleep

We all have hectic and tiring life where sleep is the most crucial but is compromised often. Lack of sleep can be the reason for many health issues including unhealthy weight gain and weight loss. So, pushing sleep to the back burner is not a great idea especially in spring when your body starts to get active.

Hydrate yourself

Drinking more water is the easiest way to achieve a healthier self. Hydration is crucial for so many functions of your body. It aids in digestion, nourishes the skin, refuels the boy for upcoming workouts, boosts energy, and much more. Always keep a water bottle with you so that it can remind you to drink more water.

Hire personal trainer

When you are on the track of fitness in spring, having a personal trainer can make a huge difference. Not only do they know what’s right for you, but they’ll also help you diversify your workouts.

Having a personal trainer also abstains you from making excuses. So, don’t delay any longer! Connect with the best personal trainer in west London to learn more.

Some Imperative Tips To Take Your Cardio Workout To The Next Level!

Some Imperative Tips To Take Your Cardio Workout To The Next Level!

There is no question; getting back to the gym after a long break from a workout is one of the most daunting tasks. Then, what does not-so-involved in workout people do? Jump on a treadmill; get drilled within a couple of minutes, relax after 10 and give up post 20? That what a maximum number of people do and then crib about no progress- just frustration, sore joints and hate everything about cardio! But, the truth is not even close to the reality. And, that is why we are here to give you peace of mind.
Performing cardio has crystal clear perks in your daily routine. Woefully, lots of people don’t comprehend an hour over the elliptical, a walk on a treadmill, or a 10-15 mile jog in your nearby areas won’t take anywhere.
A fruitful cardio routine involves some key elements. Follow these basics and crucial tips to bounce back to the right track.
1. Plan your workout beforehand
Precisely comprehend what you want to achieve, who you are, and then step on a treadmill, track, or street. You can seek help from a personal trainer. In Surrey, Canada many personal trainers can fill you with needed information.
2. Be strategic with timing
If you are the one who always ends up skipping your cardio, then perform it right after you hit the gym. Moreover, you can even perform it on off days. Just don’t skip it! Ask your personal trainer to remind you to not skip.
3. Concentrate on the task at hand
If you love reading, do it at home. None can combine reading and cardio altogether. When you are in the gym, your aim should be to achieve your fitness goal.
4. Perform a proper warm-up
Doing a proper warm-up will reduce the chances of getting injured and enables your body’s systems for various task. Just skip it once, and you are likely to get hurt.
5. Try to avoid steady-state cardio
If you are training for a long-distance race, you can carry on with your steady-state cardio. But, if not, avoid it completely! Different degrees of intensity usually called HIIT (high-intensity interval training) will boost your metabolism better from steady-state cardio.
6. Add sprints
Either add sprints in your daily workout or as make them a separate workout session. Sprints are known for revering the metabolism and can help in developing muscles in your legs.
7. Prepare a log of your routines and PRs
Isn’t it true that you keep a log of how much weight you lift? It is, right? Then do the same and keep a track of how far you have covered, and of course, the tempo you have used to get there. Understand; numbers never lie! Documenting your progress will help you keep you in tune with what works and what ain’t.
8. Be consistent
Bear in mind; a single power-packed session of cardio has never gotten anyone anywhere, but a regular cardio session definitely has! Therefore, get it regularized and stick with it. A professional trainer can help you get consistent.
By keeping these tips in mind, you can certainly nail any of your fitness goals. For more help, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Best Exercises to Tone Those Tummy Muscles

Getting well-defined abs and building up your core strength doesn’t have to take hours in the gym. There are simple exercises that you can do within the comfort of your home. These exercises are specifically designed to tone your stomach muscles and give you the desired results. Here, the best exercises have been selected to give you a head start on getting those well-defined abs. You need to ensure you have the right form coupled with a healthy diet for faster results. Here are the simple home exercises for strong abs.


  1. Bicycle Crunches

For improved core strength, bicycle crunches are the ideal stomach exercise. You begin by lying on the floor with your legs extended out and both hands tucked behind your head. Slightly bend one knee pulled towards your chest with the other leg extended out and the opposite elbow touching the bent knee. Begin to alternate between both legs like you are riding a bicycle with one elbow bending towards the opposite bent knee. Remember to straighten one leg fully while the other is bent towards your chest.


  1. Plank Jack

This may not be easy at first to do as it requires some coordination and balance, even though you will be on the floor. Start by getting into a plank position which is leaning on your forearms and resting on the balls of your feet in a straight line. Spread your arms apart, ensuring they are wider than your shoulder. Then, with your feet fully extended and a bit apart, jump your legs out and then back in at a fast pace. Remember to keep your body steady while doing this exercise. Do this for about 30 seconds for 3 sets.


  1. Flutter Kicks

This is a core exercise that mainly works to strengthen the abdominal muscles and tone your stomach. This exercise requires the engagement of your core, which is what makes it very effective. Begin by lying face-up with both hands by the side of your body and your lower back pressed to the floor. Tighten your core muscles and keep them tight while you lift both legs off the floor with your toes pointing your toes towards yourself. Slightly raise one leg up above the other, and then raise the other with the initially raised leg taken back to the starting position. Repeat the steps so your feet flutter without touching the floor. You can place your hand slightly below your butt for better support and to help you hold the position better. Do this for about 30 seconds to 1 minute for 3 sets. Ensure to keep you back on the floor while doing this exercise to avoid injury.


To get the desired result of perfectly toned abs, you need to be dedicated and committed to the exercise routine you have selected.


Why Choose to Work With a Personal Trainer During the Winter Months?

We all love to be in shape and flaunt our physique. For some, it is easy, while for others it can be tough. Being locked up for the past year at home, our home is our everything. From the office to the picnic spot to your home gym. So, why not get yourself a personal trainer, who will come to your home with the equipment you need on your schedule.


No, we are not kidding. We at, My Home Personal Training, have the best network of certified and passionate personal trainers, who will design a workout and meal program designed to meet your needs and requirements.


With our wide network of personal trainers working across the UK, you don’t have to worry, whether we’ll have a program to meet your budget or location. We offer free consultation, custom plans, daily check-ins, and online counseling.


How At-Home Personal Training Service is Better

My Home Personal Trainer was conceptualized to make at-home personal training accessible to everyone across the UK. With our team of expert male and female personal trainers, you can choose the session frequency, timing as well as gender of the personal trainers with ease. Some of our most popular services include weight loss, flexibility, strength, pre, and postnatal workouts, endurance, and athletic training.


Why Choose At-Home Personal Training Services

We know how hard it could be to train without proper training, motivation, and guidance, that is why keeping it in mind, we have designed our services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We develop a personalized diet and workout plan that will amplify your efforts and make your body winter-ready.


  1. If You Are New:

You can hire a personal trainer if you are new to working out and looking for support and guidance to motivate you. Our services will ensure you are working out properly, with the proper equipment, and with peace of mind. Our policy is simple: we do not believe in pushing our will, we believe in understanding your needs.


  1. If You Are a New Mom, Recovering From Injury or Surgery

No matter what your reason to hire a personal trainer is, we have a plan for everyone. From a certified pre and postnatal personal trainer to a certified athletic instructor, who can help you recover from previous injuries.



  1. Accountability is The Key

Often, we give up working out when we don’t see results. But you need to understand that gaining weight is easy, however, losing is tough. So, when you think you no longer have the strength to keep on going, our trainers will keep you motivated to keep going on until you have visible results.


  1. Busy Schedule

In today’s busy work, everyone is busy. We tend to ignore our health the most while fulfilling all the other duties. But not anymore, our trainers will come to the place, time, and frequency of your choosing to accommodate your busy schedule.


So, don’t wait any longer. Book your free consultation now and get the best of at-home personal training services.


Tips That Can Help You to Shape up This Spring

Why Work with a Personal Trainer in London to Help with Motivation?

Most people think that the duties and responsibilities of a personal trainer are only limited to help with forms and techniques to perform exercises. But it is half information about how personal trainers work and how they help people achieve their fitness goals.

A personal trainer is not just your fitness teacher but also your fitness guide and motivator during your fitness journey. He or she makes sure that you are doing everything right while keeping an eye on your lifestyle habits and progress.

A personal trainer knows that achieving any fitness goal is not as easy as it seems, and many people stop working out when they don’t see any result after a few weeks of exercising. He or she also knows that being regular in your fitness routine is the key to achieve any result quickly and easily. This is why they just don’t work as a fitness trainer but also provide much-needed guidance and motivation to keep things running. They are like your personal companion during your training sessions who:

Keeps you accountable

The hardest part of any fitness journey is to keep yourself up and running regularly without missing any workout session. A personal trainer designs a personalized fitness program for each individual as per their fitness goals. A fitness program targets different areas on different days in a week to achieve body goals, and you shouldn’t skip them.

When you work with a personal trainer, he keeps you accountable for your deeds. When someone is waiting for you at the gym, it is very hard to skip exercises without prior notice.

Motivates you to keep going

When you work with a personal trainer, it grows confidence within you that you are going to achieve your goals with proper guidance. It keeps you motivated during your fitness journey. A fitness trainer doesn’t let you feel down when you don’t see any visible result after a few sessions. He tracks or monitors your sessions to log every small change and achievement regularly and cheers you up at the end of the day.

Personal trainers are not just trained and qualified to offer professional services, but they also provide comfort and privacy to their clients at a personal level. It also encourages people to talk with their personal trainers with an open mind about their body needs.

Encourage you to take challenges

A personal trainer knows when and how to make changes in your fitness program to maximize effectiveness. He encourages individuals to take challenges depending on their body strength and stamina to speed up the fitness process. He or she also encourages you to try on different things during your training sessions to target specific goals for better results.

Motivation can come in any form and a personal trainer is the right person to guide you through the right path by keeping you accountable and encouraged during your fitness journey. If you are feeling down and not seeing any result after a few days of self-training, then hire a personal trainer to target your goals. You can hire a personal trainer in London from My Personal Trainer Directory to keep yourself motivated with professional support and guidance.

Choose A Personal Trainer In London For Nutritional Support & Advice

Choose A Personal Trainer In London For Nutritional Support & Advice

Personal trainers are fitness professionals who have immense knowledge and experience in weight management through exercises, diet, and nutrition. They have complete knowledge about the body and ts physiology, and hence they can provide the right assistance for exercising and fitness. In recent years the demand for a personal trainer has increased because of the growing inclination of people towards their health.

Their exercise and nutritional regime can help you achieve your fitness goals. Personal trainers in London are certified, and they can provide you with nutritional support & advice along with the exercise regime.

Here’s how a personal trainer in London can provide you with nutritional support & advice:

  • Calories management: They can help you with calorie management. They can guide with the right diet, and they can also prepare a diet chart that will help you consume the right amount of calories throughout the day. It will help you in losing weight quickly


  • Food timings: When you want to achieve nutritional and weight loss goals, only eating right will not work. You will have to eat at the right time and in the correct gaps. What food is eaten when it brings a significant change. A personal trainer in London can help you with the same.


  • Suggesting supplements: Today, when food adulteration is at its peak, getting a nutrient-dense diet without supplements is impossible. At the same time, eating the wrong supplements can also be fatal.

Therefore, it is essential to have proper knowledge of supplements before we start taking them. Personal trainers in London can help you find the right supplements as per the needs of your body and goals.

  • Healthy choices: There are always many alternatives when it comes to food these days. It is upon us to make healthy choices. However, we are often mistaken, and knowingly we consume things that are unhealthy. With a personal trainer’s guidance, you will know about the right eating habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

A personal trainer in London can guide you in making healthier choices among so many alternatives available in the market. For instance, they can tell you which protein supplements can help you build your muscle weight faster.

If you live in London and hire a personal trainer, you will see the results in no time. You will lose weight quickly and even look much younger, energetic, and fresh because of your trainer’s nutritional advice.

When hiring personal trainers, make sure that they are well experienced and licensed. So, don’t delay your fitness journey and hire the best personal trainer in London today.