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We are a mobile personal training company that covers all of London and surrounding areas. Our personal trainers are all mobile so you will be expected to deliver personal training sessions at the client’s home, garden, park or any other location they desire. We will require you too have a minimum level 3 personal training certificate and public liability insurance. As you will be mobile you can carry as much or as little of your own equipment you feel is necessary to carry out any personal training sessions.

If you are LOOKING FOR the right Personal Trainer JOBS IN LONDON, CONNECT WITH MY HOME PERSONAL TRAINER LONDON. please send us an enquiry and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail.

We have clients who want to train early mornings, evenings and weekends so you will have to be flexible with your working hours. All our clients expect the best service so we require you to be reliable and punctual to every personal training session.

When a client purchases 5, 10 or 15 sessions the trainer will pay MHPT the following percentages:

  • 40% of first package purchased;
  • 30% of second package purchased;
  • 20% of third package purchased; and
  • 20% of any further packages purchased.

When a client purchases session as pay as you go at £50 per session the trainer will pay the MHPT:

  • 40% of the first session;
  • 30% of the second session;
  • 20% of the third session; and 20% any further sessions.

MHPT set the price of the packages and sessions vary from £40-£50.

This will allow us to continue investing in marketing and generating more client leads for you.

The more package renewals & more client sign ups will result in extra marketing and more client referrals.

Barbell lunge in London Park
Barbell lunge in London Park

Why Choose Us to Showcase Your Talent?

My Home Personal Trainer London is a premium portal that offers the best personal trainer jobs to deserving people. If you are wondering why are we so special, let us enlighten you!

A Continuous Flow of Clients : With us, you can enjoy a continuous flow of clients. With our marketing skills and brand value, you will be able to experience regular income.

No Monthly Fees : Unlike other service providers, we do not charge monthly fees. When you register with us, you need to pay an amount of 49 Pounds.

Complete Freedom to Choose Your Own Package : We have multiple packages available for personal training jobs, such as five-session packages or ten-session packages.

Simple 60/40 Split : Whenever you get your first client, we ask for a 60/40 split. This helps us run our service seamlessly. From next month onwards, you will get the full payment from your client.

Connect with us if you wish to bag some prestigious and profitable personal trainer jobs in London.

Why Should You Go After Personal Trainer Jobs?

No Compulsion : You will get paid for what you love to do. Hence, you won’t feel any compulsion or workload. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then go for personal trainer jobs in London with My Home Personal Trainer London.

No 9-5 Desk Job : You need not spend your life inside a cubicle, from 9 to 5 every day. Instead, we enable you to explore different opportunities where you get to meet new people and earn by practising what you love to do the most.

Be Your Own Boss : A personal trainer is his own boss. There is no one to overburden you with tasks and assignments. Work as much as you love.


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