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Why Choose a Personal Trainer in London to Help for Nutritional Guidance?

Why Choose a Personal Trainer in London to Help for Nutritional Guidance?

Personal Trainer is a fitness professional with educational background of exercise science and is trained enough to teach people about exercise and fitness. They have deep knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, how muscles work, and which nutrients are required to achieve which benefits. They are trained and educated extensively, as they need to develop a safe and efficient training program for their clients.


Every client has different fitness goals, so personal trainers make a training regime that meets the specific needs of clients. Personal trainers also know that no exercise regime is complete without proper nutritional backup support. They know abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. It’s the diet pattern we follow that bring out visible changes in our body along with the training routine.


So, some personal trainers get themselves educated and certified in nutrition field also, because they know clients are going to ask those questions related to their diet intake during training program and their exercise regime will be incomplete without proper diet plan.


As a client you can choose a personal trainer with a nutritionist background, as this will help you in getting fitness and food advice from the same person. Personal trainers in London are equipped with sufficient knowledge and experience to suggest clients on their gym performance while rectifying their diet-style as well.


Along with exercise regime, personal trainers help in losing weight and gaining muscle strength with nutritional advice also. Here are some reasons why you should choose personal trainer for nutritional guidance.


  • Manage Your Calories – Personal trainers help you manage your extra calorie intake. They will give you techniques on how to eat less by having more filling food items and how to avoid calorie-filled drinks and munching snacks. They will bring you on a calorie management diet-style.


  • Better Food Selection – As personal trainers have vast knowledge about good and bad food items, they will guide you on how to choose natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains over processed food items. Also, they will guide you to choose water, buttermilk or herbal tea over sugary carbonated drinks.


  • Proper Eating Cycle – Having a proper eating cycle is very important in hitting your fitness goals. A personal trainer in London will provide you enough awareness about what to eat before and after workout, why you should not skip breakfast, how eating at proper time intervals fuels your metabolism, and much more.


  • Nutrients Information – Our body needs all kinds of nutrients – macro and micro. Both types of nutrients perform unique functions in our body, and your personal trainer will guide you about all the functions that these macro and micro nutrients perform in your body. They will also help you understand how it is essential to have them in required amount on daily basis in your diet. In short, personal trainer will make your diet rich in the exact nutrients that your body needs to achieve your fitness goals.


  • Overall Healthy Lifestyle – Only hitting the gym will not give the results that you expect. You need to adopt a holistic approach in achieving fitness goals. Personal trainer in London will guide you on four pillars of healthy lifestyle – nutritious diet, optimal rest and hydration, regular workout routine, and positive thinking in life. All these four pillars, when put together, bring out an overall healthy change in life and help you achieve not only fitness goals but other goals in life as well.


Fulfilling your fitness goals without following a proper diet plan is next to impossible and personal trainer is the best person who can guide you on this along with your training regime.

Benefits Of Training With A Personal Trainer When You Are Recovering From An Injury

Benefits Of Training With A Personal Trainer When You Are Recovering From An Injury

Recovering from a physical injury, be it a sports injury, a car accident or a medical illness, is a long and frustrating process especially for an active person. It feels like whole life has come to a halt. If you are a sports person, it becomes even more difficult for you to wait till you get recovered completely. But if you think in a positive way, this whole recovery process can bring new insights to try some new ways of joining a training program and experience some different benefits.

It is a slow process and takes time, so you need to keep patience. Don’t try to rush the process and push yourself beyond what is safe for you. Hiring a personal trainer at this time is very much essential for wholesome and safe recovery. But before hiring a personal trainer, first you need to take clearance from your physician, and then you can go ahead with training with your personal trainer.

Personal trainer will help you recover safely as soon as possible and will ensure that you stay motivated throughout the entire recovery process. He will first analyze and get details about your injury and then design a training program accordingly. Here are few benefits of doing training with a personal trainer in the recovery process.


  • Emphasis on Recovery – When faced with an injury, body’s main priority is to recover first. Recovery means increasing muscle mass and giving time to tissues to heal in the injured area. Personal trainer will keep these important things in mind and design and implement the training regime accordingly. Your trainer will tell you to put a pause to your regular routine in order to get recovered completely. Training with a personal trainer will help you stay focused on the end goal of full recovery rather than chasing the short term improvement.


  • Strengthen the Injured Area in Safe and Effective Way – Often people want to hurry up their recovery process and sometimes attempt to perform restricted area movement that can cause more harm instead of benefiting. A professional personal trainer will make you do some light to moderate resistance exercises for joints and muscles without causing any discomfort to the injured area. They might also combine resistance and range of motion exercises in a safe and effective manner.


  • Training Unilaterally – We can’t isolate a muscle, but we can train unilaterally while recovering from an injury. In simple words, it means training each limb separately. Normally, training regime involves bilateral exercises in which stronger side takes over the weaker side in order to compensate the weak part. But in unilateral exercise regime, the weak limb is trained as hard as the strong one in order to work on strength imbalance during the recovery process.


  • Nutrition Plan – While training with a personal trainer is very important to speed up your recovery process in a safe way, it is equally important to take care of your nutritional needs during this time. A personal trainer would be the best person to guide you through this. They will bring you on a diet plan that includes more of protein, calcium and good fats, as all of these help in healing injured tissues and cells.


  • Support and Motivation – It is very natural to experience feelings of frustration, anxiety and boredom during the long recovery process, as you are prohibited to perform your favorite physical activities. So, having an understanding and supportive personal trainer will help you overcome these trivial emotions in order to reach your goal of full recovery.


Hope you realized that recovering from an injury is not an easy task and demands for a professional’s help. There is no one better than a personal trainer on this journey towards recovery.

Weight Training Tips For Beginners

Weight Training Tips For Beginners

Strength training or cardio workouts can be intimidating to every new gymmer, primarily if one has never used those heavy machines and pulleys. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscles mass or achieve a fitter physique, weight training can help you with everything.

Strength training is also known as resistance training or weight training, where you strengthen your bones and build stronger muscles.  Cardio alone does not cut your belly fat! Therefore, if you haven’t started strength training, it’s never too late to start. This type of training is suitable for both men and women, and you can begin at any age.

Above all, you don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast or need sophisticated gym equipment. You can simply use the resistance band, free weights and home fitness equipment to start strength training.

If you are interested in weight training, below are the tips that every beginner should consider in no time!

  • Start with cardio warmup

For strength or cardio training, it is necessary to get your heart rate up before stepping on the machines. Initially, start with a 5-minute warmup session that includes jogging, walking, or dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is one of the best exercises for the warmup sessions.

While doing dynamic stretching, your movements are under control, that increases your range of motion. You can also try some butt kicks and walking lunges.

  • Know The Proper Techniques

Whether you are a beginner or expert, learning the proper form and techniques are essential. Proper techniques ensure that you are working on the right muscle group without any consequences. If you are very new to exercises, it’s better to start with single training sessions. You can even take help from your personal trainer to show you perfect motions, grips, and techniques.

  • Determine The Amount Of Weight For Yourself

Whenever you are starting your training sessions, experimenting with different weight is essential. Try to never mess up with the weights because you can injure your muscles.

For instance- if you are doing four sets of biceps curls with 12 reps, your arms will get fatigued in the drop sets, especially in the fourth one. You will experience discomfort, and your arms will start shaking. Start your first set with minimum heavyweight and drop down the weight in the third set.

  • Rest Is Also Important

Strength training tears up your muscles, and rest is vital for the overall growth. Tearing up your muscle tissues is good only if you are allowing them to heal appropriately. Any beginner or expert need 24-36 hours of the rest period to heal your muscle tissues. Beginners are mostly excited at the start of Weight Training programs, but they end up injuring their muscles. Soreness is good, but the pain is harmful!

Final Wrap-Up

Weight Training is the best way to build lean muscle mass and lose fat quickly. If you are interested in strength training, start your workout session with lighter weights until you learn the right techniques. Later you can gradually increase your weights without injuring yourself. Lastly, ensure you are working on every muscle group for optimal fitness and strength.

Why Is Weight Training Important?

Why Is Weight Training Important?

Strength and weight training have become a popular trend today. Individuals who are looking for getting rid of body fat, and developing lean muscles are opting for strength and weight training. Many individuals feel that weight training is only for athletes or celebrities, but the fact is with the right guidance and help of a personal trainer, you can actually fulfil the desire of a golden figure. When we talk about weight training, then it is not only about losing weight; rather, it is also about gaining lean mass, improving mental health and overall wellbeing of an individual. There are various ways to achieve the same; you can either go to the gym or hire a personal trainer for this. In recent times we have seen a growing demand for personal trainers. They evaluate your present health condition, suggest as per your body’s requirement, and customise the weight training program so that you get quick results.

Importance of weight training:

  1. Boosts metabolism– Did you know that one of the prominent reasons for fat gain or weight gain is your poor metabolism? Rarely we think about this and work in improving our metabolism. Regular weight training under the supervision of a personal trainer not only helps in reducing weight but at the same time, it also helps in boosting the metabolism, which eventually accelerates weight loss. Active metabolism keeps your body weight in check; hence you must focus on weight training to ensure the metabolism of your body is working right.


  1. Regulates insulin– Often, we hear people have diabetes, and apart from some genetic disorders in a few cases, obesity and lack of physical exercise are to blame for the condition. Do you know that 1 in ten individuals above the age of 40 is suffering from blood sugar issues in the UK? This is a grave situation, and ignoring the problem will not be very wise. Regular weight training ensures the insulin and sugar levels in the body remain controlled. With weight training, you can not only lose weight but also it helps to keep your insulin level regulated. Moreover, lifting weight has also been found effective in reducing the possibility of inflammation.


  1. Enhances stamina– Any form of exercising, whether it aims at losing weight or gaining lean mass, works at increasing stamina. Stress and working for longer hours can drastically impact the energy level of an individual. People suffer from lethargy, and they tend to lose vigour, but regular exercising helps in enhancing your stamina. If you are not sure how to begin exercising, hiring a personal trainer would be the right choice. They have vast expertise in this domain and know how to tweak the exercise plan that will match your body type.


  1. It improves postures and keeps up good health– Lack of regular exercising, poor eating habit, and stress are the key factors that lead to weight gain and sluggishness in our body. However, we can easily overcome these issues by choosing the right set of exercising. Weight training programs aim at ensuring that you not only lose weight but also improve your posture. Sitting and working for longer hours impacts the posture, because of which many people complain about back and neck pain. With the right kind of weight training, one can address all these conditions. Following a workout schedule is going to make you fit and raise your energy level, thereby ensuring a healthy body.

Final words:  With a host of benefits, there is no reason for you to procrastinate your exercise regime. If you are unsure how to go about it, why not hire the services of a personal trainer who can help you to become a fit individual once again? However, choosing the right personal trainer is the key. Do not hesitate to discuss your present physical conditions with your trainer and let him or her decide a customised weight training plan for you.


Taking weight gain lightly is the worst thing anyone can do to their health since It is the root cause for various other issues. Hence, it would be best if you start working out at the right time to get rid of the problem at the very budding stage.

Role Of Sleep In Staying Fit & Exercising

Role Of Sleep In Staying Fit & Exercising

Staying fit is essential now to keep going with the pace of the world now. While maintaining a balanced personal and professional life, fitness is the essential thing that you need to check out. Coming to the ways you can remain fit, you need to follow a proper diet for the same, some essential exercises on regular basis and along with all these there is a need for a proper nap for you too. You need at least 8-10 hours of sleep to keep yourelf fit and the right personal trainer makes you do all those exercises that keep your body fit and induces sleep to the best level.

The fact is that, if you ignore that part of your life, you are going to face a strong effect on your health. You will face less energy in you, more ailments in you and even the fitness will be spoiled in one sense. Definitely, you will like to get deeper with the thing, and here is that for you –

Sleep makes your metabolism well enough

The first area where sleep makes a real difference in your health is in your digestion. The right hours of sleep helps you to reduce weight and also to get a toned and fitter body. You might be having a balanced diet and thinking that that is enough for your good health yes, you are right, but whenever you are not having your sleep proper, this balanced diet even cannot maintain a balanced health condition for you. As a result, you will have different symptoms on your skin like hair loss, acne, and others; and on your health too. Regarding your health, you will have excess fat stored, or you will get the glucose level of your body to get hiked. Most healthy adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to recharge their bodies to be activated for the next day.

Sleep makes your energy level balanced

Your energy level is the key to your career, for your professional life, personal life, and even the workouts that you do every morning to stay fit. When your energy level will not be in a balanced condition, you will feel lazy on your shoes at the time of workouts. The final result of the same is your bad health condition. When you skip your workouts, that will not only put a dark circle on your health condition, skipping workouts often results in muscle strains. Depending on the muscle density and the overall strcture of the physique that you have, the right personal trainer trains you in the ability to give a boost to your health domain.

Sleep makes your mind free and fresh

A healthy mind is always the key thing for a healthy life and a healthy body. Your body is not the controller of the mind. Rather, it is the mind that controls the body. This will help you do your workouts properly, your professional life smoothly and remain happy with your personal life.

So, you understand what the role of sleep in your fitness is. Now is the time to get stuck to proper sleep and get the best fitness results. The right personal trainer gives you the finest advice on how sleep deprivation can affect your stamina and how better sleep makes your body more functional.