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Professional Health Assessment

Professional Health Assessment

To begin your trainer needs to design a program that is centred around YOU, that is, your goals, body, and daily schedule, based on the information provided. You can count on My Home Personal Trainer to provide your health assessment within the comfort of your home or office for your convenience.

What Your Health Assessment Includes:

  • Postural analysis
  • Body mass index/ body composition
  • Blood pressure
  • ROM assessment
  • Heart rate
  • Height and weight
  • Your goal and lifestyle management
  • Circumference measurement
  • Detailed training and action plan
  • COPD screening (lung function)
  • Progress check and scheduled reassessment

Your data and information is treated as confidential and is recorded in your closed personal file. This helps your trainer to keep track of your plans and monitor your progress and recognise which parts need extra attention.

This is not compulsory if you do not feel comfortable with us having certain information and data, our personal trainers will still be able to gauge your goals and ability from your physical appearance, how you feel, and what exactly your end desires are.

We take pride in helping you achieve your fitness goals through your training journey, and are only satisfied when you have attained excellent health and fitness in the best and safest way possible. Contact My Home Trainer today.

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