Recovering from a physical injury, be it a sports injury, a car accident or a medical illness, is a long and frustrating process especially for an active person. It feels like whole life has come to a halt. If you are a sports person, it becomes even more difficult for you to wait till you get recovered completely. But if you think in a positive way, this whole recovery process can bring new insights to try some new ways of joining a training program and experience some different benefits.

It is a slow process and takes time, so you need to keep patience. Don’t try to rush the process and push yourself beyond what is safe for you. Hiring a personal trainer at this time is very much essential for wholesome and safe recovery. But before hiring a personal trainer, first you need to take clearance from your physician, and then you can go ahead with training with your personal trainer.

Personal trainer will help you recover safely as soon as possible and will ensure that you stay motivated throughout the entire recovery process. He will first analyze and get details about your injury and then design a training program accordingly. Here are few benefits of doing training with a personal trainer in the recovery process.


  • Emphasis on Recovery – When faced with an injury, body’s main priority is to recover first. Recovery means increasing muscle mass and giving time to tissues to heal in the injured area. Personal trainer will keep these important things in mind and design and implement the training regime accordingly. Your trainer will tell you to put a pause to your regular routine in order to get recovered completely. Training with a personal trainer will help you stay focused on the end goal of full recovery rather than chasing the short term improvement.


  • Strengthen the Injured Area in Safe and Effective Way – Often people want to hurry up their recovery process and sometimes attempt to perform restricted area movement that can cause more harm instead of benefiting. A professional personal trainer will make you do some light to moderate resistance exercises for joints and muscles without causing any discomfort to the injured area. They might also combine resistance and range of motion exercises in a safe and effective manner.


  • Training Unilaterally – We can’t isolate a muscle, but we can train unilaterally while recovering from an injury. In simple words, it means training each limb separately. Normally, training regime involves bilateral exercises in which stronger side takes over the weaker side in order to compensate the weak part. But in unilateral exercise regime, the weak limb is trained as hard as the strong one in order to work on strength imbalance during the recovery process.


  • Nutrition Plan – While training with a personal trainer is very important to speed up your recovery process in a safe way, it is equally important to take care of your nutritional needs during this time. A personal trainer would be the best person to guide you through this. They will bring you on a diet plan that includes more of protein, calcium and good fats, as all of these help in healing injured tissues and cells.


  • Support and Motivation – It is very natural to experience feelings of frustration, anxiety and boredom during the long recovery process, as you are prohibited to perform your favorite physical activities. So, having an understanding and supportive personal trainer will help you overcome these trivial emotions in order to reach your goal of full recovery.


Hope you realized that recovering from an injury is not an easy task and demands for a professional’s help. There is no one better than a personal trainer on this journey towards recovery.