Whether you are a man or woman, cardio training is beneficial for you. Even personal trainers in Canary Wharf find a workout schedule incomplete without cardio training. One more thing that personal trainers recommend to their clients is kickboxing. They often include this in a cardio training plan. Many people hesitate, especially women, to kickboxing. They think kickboxing isn’t as effective as other workout elements. Also, it’s strenuous. Other than this, some people don’t agree with kickboxing because they know nothing about it.

About cardio kickboxing 

It is part of a workout regime that combines martial art techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout is for both beginner and elite athletes. So, you cannot make any excuse.

In kickboxing, you will not run on a treadmill or in the open for hours. It’s a bit boring. You will train away from a treadmill in an open space with lots of new and old cardio elements. This will be fun.

For kickboxing, you don’t need any talent or experience with martial arts. You just need to consult a personal trainer in Canary Wharf specializing in various types of cardio exercises. Make sure the personal trainer has done kickboxing in the past. The best thing is that you can do kickboxing at home comfortably.

How should you begin with kickboxing training?

The personal trainer will explain the necessities and basics of how to start the practice properly. Along with the trainer’s instructions, you should keep some mandatory things in your mind. You should wear the most comfortable set of clothes you have as you will be moving around a lot more than traditional cardio. Also, you should carry a water bottle and towel.

If you are training at home, you should try to find some space in the middle. There should be enough space around you as you will move in different directions. You will move up and down, sideways along with a straight line.

What are the benefits of kickboxing training?

You burn your calories faster

In an hour, you burn over 800 calories in an hour, which is a significant amount. It’s more than the calories you consume with your cheat meal. The body is put to test with kickboxing as you sweat, breathe and soar like never before. It happens so because kickboxing targets all of your muscle groups, involving the core significantly. Other than this, kickboxing tones your abs and helps in losing fat.

You tone your muscles 

Kickboxing tones muscles in your arms, legs, and butt more quickly than ever. When you make moves with your body that you have never done before, you notice the power of kickboxing. Other than this, kickboxing helps in maintaining good posture even when the legs are way up above your head. For men, kickboxing is perfect because the toned guns reflect every inch of the arm muscles.

You boost your energy levels

The complex moves, kicking, shuffling from one side to the other and general intensity of cardio kickboxing give a must-needed boost to your overall energy levels. With this, you wake up with extra energy in the morning.

It happens because kickboxing affects hormones. When you put physical stress on your body, it has to adapt to it via greater hormone regulation. So, you feel energized. Kickboxing training is what your body needs for today and tomorrow. So, you shouldn’t hesitate.