According to research, it has been proved that people can burn more calories and reduce their weight rapidly during winter and doing workouts during cold can keep your body in a proper shape. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you must skip exercising during the summer. If you wish to make your body fit and get beach ready, working out during summer is necessary.

When you exercise in winter, you will feel comfortable, and you can reduce your weight through thermogenesis. It is a metabolic activity that can keep your body warm. On the other part, when you workout in summer, you can increase your fitness level and this process is known as heat adaption. But working out within a confined environment may leave you exhausted, so the best way is that you must exercise outside.

Choosing to train outside during summer will not only give you a fresh atmosphere to workout but also keeps you refreshed.

The following section gives you the detail of the benefits of fitness training outside.

Remove the toxins from your body:

People, especially those who want to build their mass muscles, think that they can achieve more curves in their muscles by spending more time in a gym. But sweating does not help you to reduce your weight, and you cannot burn your excess calories. If you are prone to sweating massively, then you can suffer from water retention or dehydration. Sweating is a common problem in summer, and it can remove toxins from your body. But, doing exercise in summer cannot give you an instant result and, you should not try to climb the hills in summer to reduce your weight.

Maintain your body temperature:

Maintaining proper body temperature is paramount. According to a Spanish study, it has been found that people have burned excess fat by cycling at 104-degree temperature. But you should know your strength, and you should plan your workout according to your body type. For example, the average body temperature of a human body is between 98°F and 100°F. If your body temperature falls lower than 98°F, then you can suffer from hypothermia. On the other part, if your body temperature gets increased by more than 107°F, then your brain can get affected. During summer, when you exercise outside, you need to maintain your body temperature, and you need to work harder to achieve homeostasis.

You must know that working out at a higher temperature has its own set of drawbacks, and during summers, you should certainly not workout in a confined environment. Rather choose to workout in a park or open space where you can breathe in the fresh air and maintain the body temperature.

Train yourself under the supervision of a personal trainer:

You can indeed feel uncomfortable in summer and you cannot spend more than an hour in a gym. You can find such fitness clubs are equipped with a centralized air conditioning system. Doing workouts in extreme temperature can put you in big trouble, and you can suffer from dehydration, dizziness and nausea. But these are the common issue, and you can face such problems when you hit a gym for the first time. You can avoid all these issues by doing your workouts outside under the open sky in summer. You just need to keep your body hydrated, and you should hire a personal trainer in North London for proper supervision. If you feel unwell, tell your trailer about your problems and take a break from your session.


When you exercise outside in summer, it will increase your blood circulation, and your skin will cool down. You can go for strenuous training, and you can make your body habituated to beat the heat. Apart from that, training in summer outside can improve your heart rate and sweat rate.

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