Choosing the right personal trainer can be a tough decision. There are so many gyms and individual trainers out there, each claiming to be the best. Some claim they have the best-in-class workout equipment. Others say they have experience training celebrities and athletes. How do you shortlist the right personal trainer then?


Well, fitness training sessions deliver the best results only when they revolve around your fitness goals.


As a matter of fact, it’s all about customizing the plan to the client’s needs.


Personal training requires attention to detail from the expert. We, at My Home Personal Trainer, start by offering a free consultation. This is particularly important to understand the client’s lifestyle and physical limitations. You can tell our personal trainer about health conditions, if any, for example, knee replacement, heart conditions, etc., so we can take the necessary precautions before starting out.


This is followed by creating a custom workout and diet plan. Our personal trainers know there’s no one-plan-works-for-all. Each person’s expectations are different. So are their bodily abilities. This is why we create training plans from scratch. This is also one of the reasons My Home Personal Trainer delivers excellent results every time.


Once our personal trainer has created a custom training plan for you, we work with you to schedule a convenient time and place for you. Our personal trainer will visit your preferred location and at a time chosen by you. Most of the training plans include bodyweight and free weight exercises. You don’t need to worry about buying equipment. Our fitness coach will carry the required equipment to your place to facilitate training.


We also have training plans for individuals, couples, and groups. You can also schedule training sessions for corporates. Our trainer will visit your workplace to offer your desired training.


We know not all of you might be comfortable training with a personal trainer of a particular gender, which is why you can choose from male and female personal trainers.


Remember, fitness training is not all about bodybuilding. Every personal training goals are different. To ensure we meet your expectations, we offer strength, cardio, weight loss, flexibility, endurance as well. We also have experienced and certified pre-natal and post-natal personal trainers who will work with you to offer safe exercises.


Our expert personal trainers will also suggest the number of training sessions based on your fitness goals and lifestyle. However, we understand sometimes work commitments may not allow the liberty to attend all training sessions at the committed time. We are flexible and allow you to reschedule training sessions in most cases.


My Home Personal Trainer is UK’s leading fitness training network that collaborates with only the best and certified trainers. Our objective is to offer you the convenience of working out on your schedule and under the supervision of highly experienced professionals. Don’t be blocked by gym hours. Request on-demand personal training sessions, and training comfortable at your own pace.