It’s been years that you are following a strict fitness schedule and a proper diet plan. Every day, you do something new or increase the intensity of the workout so that you can see and enjoy changes in yourself. You even made sacrifices to stay fitter. But, unfortunately, you aren’t finding any changes.


It’s seriously the worst feeling. There is no motivation left when there is no progress seen. Many people drop out and move back to their normal lives, thinking nothing will happen. It’s just a waste of time.


Have you ever thought about why things aren’t working in your favor? If not, then you should think about it today. You should try to know what mistakes you are committing as well as find the solution for them.


In this situation, hiring a personal trainer in London would be of great help. The personal trainer will tell you your mistakes and help you overcome them.


Some common reasons for not progressing:


Reason 1- Not tracking anything 

To get fitter or stay fit, many things are involved. For example, food, training, your daily habits, and your mood. If these things are properly considered and worked upon, you will get what you want.


Many people take care of these things but still, they fail. And it’s because they don’t measure or track these activities. They just follow as directed and don’t check out these things in detail. They don’t know how things are going on and if they are following right.


If you measure or track your activities, they will be easy to manage. You will make changes in your activities and make them right for you and your body. It means the activities will be designed as per your body requirements.


Sometimes, tracking is very challenging. It requires professional interference. This is where a personal trainer will be helpful.


Reason 2- Not being honest you and your activities 

People often blame others (especially personal trainers) for not progressing. A lot of blame games occur from time to time without any result. This leads to frustration as well.


The role of a personal trainer is to train and guide you. No personal trainer will keep an eye on you 24/7. So, instead of blaming, you should take responsibility for your body. You should be honest in everything you do to stay fit or get fitter. If you forget your responsibilities, no one will be able to train you and there will be no progress.


Being honest every time is a bit challenging. But, you should try as much as possible. Once you become honest, you will see real, long-lasting changes.


Reason 3- Not having a fitness goal 

Doing things without any goal is useless. You will just keep doing it as there will be no motivation or excitement to achieve something. The surprising part is that you will not know even if changes happen in your body. It’s because there will be nothing to determine or compare.


Sometimes, people avoid setting fitness goals because they think it’s like a burden. If the goal isn’t achieved, it leads to frustration and other issues. But, truly speaking, nothing of that sort happens.


If there is a goal, there will be a proper plan to achieve it. The personal trainer will define the fitness regime accordingly. And if something seems unachievable, changes will be made as per your requirements.


The only thing is you should set a realistic fitness goal for yourself. A personal trainer can help you in this as well.


Now, you know the reasons for not progressing and solutions for the same. So, work accordingly.