Warming up the body before the workout reduces the risk of injury, and one can make maximum out of the training sessions. But it is vital to warm up in the right way, for which one needs to have stability through their movement. Here we have shared some highly valuable movements that can prepare you for the workout correctly.

Static stretches like reaching your toes, etc., help relax your muscles responsible for protecting the joints. Similarly, there are other movements combined with traditional exercises that help the body warm-up correctly.

Follow the list of warm-up exercises recommended by an expert Personal Trainer  North London to perform right before the workout to make the most out of the training sessions.

Bodyweight Squats (10 times)

It is a great warm-up exercise for your abs, calves, glutes, and hip flexor muscles. If you are looking forward to performing loaded squats during your workout, try this before the procedure. These movements will warm up most of your muscles at a time and prepare the central nervous system for the upcoming workout.

All you need is to stand on your feet with toes pointing straight and maintain hip-width between toes. Now, hinge your hips backward and bend your knees placing your hands forward. Balance your weight on the knees and keep the back straight all this time. Now, continue to push downwards unless you feel a stretch in your quadriceps.

Bird Dog (10 times each side)

Bird Dog is another warming exercise best for the abs and lower back. It activates the core muscles of your body that play a key role in supporting your spine during the workout. It is also beneficial for your glutes and hip flexors.

Get onto the floor and lift one leg in the air where all your hips and wrist are parallel to the floor. Now, balance your body with the other knee touched to the ground. Raise and lengthen your hips, shoulders, head, and arms in a straight line. Now, put the raised leg and perform the same movement by lifting the other side in the air, straight, and aligned.

Banded Row (10 times)

The exercise is suitable for back movements. Banded Rows also help warm up all your shoulder joints and blades. All you have to do is put the resistance band under your feet pointed slightly out and hold the handles in your hand (shoulder-width apart). Slightly bend knees and keep the core engaged and back flat. Now, pull the handles of the band back and feel the contraction.

Get in touch with an expert Personal Trainer in North London for more Cardio tips and exercises. The above-listed are a few easy-to-try at-home warm-up exercises that will save you from injury risks that might happen during the workout.