Summer brings with it heat waves and humid air conditions that result in excessive sweating. It is vital to understand water is one of the most crucial elements for survival.

Human body is composed of 60% of water, and loss of water in the form of sweat can lead to dehydration. In case of dehydration, if one is not hydrated quickly, the condition can lead to severe consequences, ultimately affecting mental and physical functioning.

There are numerous tips that your Personal Trainer will give you to stay hydrated during the hot weather. Before discussing them, know how to identify the symptoms of dehydration.

In order to combat dehydration, you must know the signs so that you can identify them with ease. Observe if your skin displays inflammation or itchiness. Moreover, notice the drying of the skin. Other symptoms include feelings of fatigue, muscle cramps, dark color of the urine, fainting, etc.

Below tips will help you stay hydrated in summers.

Drink Lots of Water

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to drink water throughout the day. However, the intake varies depending on sex, age, and other factors. Start and end the day with at least one cup of water. Moreover, consume a glass of water with each meal. You don’t need to wait for your throat to get parched to drink water!

Opt for Natural Juices

Consume natural juices that are without any added sugar. It promotes hydration while supplying the body with vital nutrients. These nutrients can ultimately aid you in staying active. However, you must be careful while purchasing the bottle. For this, check out the ingredients list carefully.

Avoid Alcohol

Having a drink might sound tempting on a hot evening, but it is something that you must avoid. Alcoholic drinks remove water from the body. That is why it is advisable not to take alcohol during the hot weather. Instead, have water or natural juices.

Go for Cool Showers

It is vital to understand that cool showers don’t necessarily hydrate the body. They just keeps the body cool and prevents sweating. That, in turn, blocks the loss of fluid.

In order to stay fit, it is vital that you keep yourself hydrated in the summer season. If you intend to continue your workouts, make sure you have a chat with your Personal Trainer before continuing the same regimen.

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