Gone are those days when people think that strength training is just and just for athletes and bodybuilders.

According to several surveys and studies, almost90% of researchers have concluded that- to keep up a healthy and sound body, a person must follow a daily workout regime, if not daily, then at least twice or thrice in seven days. But why? This is because the perks of physical training extend to every aspect of your mental, physical and emotional health says a renowned personal trainer and weightlifting coach. Yet not convinced? Believe us; you certainly need strength training!

No matter what your current relationship weight is, underneath mentioned are some worth commemorating perks of physical training with the help of your trainer. Yes, a personal trainer plays a great role in making you achieve your fitness goal.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some advantages of Strength or Physical Training.

  1. Strong Muscles: When it comes to resistance training, it incorporates any activity that works on your muscles against resistance. Additionally, by pressurizing your muscles, strength training stimulates them to develop and become powerful. Whether you believe it or not, it happens very quickly. According to one study, people over 40 have significantly improved their total-body muscle strength just after long-resistance workouts.


  1. Healthy Body Fat Levels: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that strengthening your muscles has a great impact on an individual’s body fat cells. Moreover, a study conducted by Harvard researchers in 2014 discovered that- in comparison to Cardio, resistance training does more to restrain age-related abdominal fat. There are a couple of reasons behind it! Challenging lifting intense workout usually triggers a temporary metabolic boost known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). The reason is- an individual’s body requires more oxygen to cool down and fix itself post-normal and intense workout training. Furthermore, in a long run, developing lean muscle mass enhances your resting metabolic rate. Also, resistance training may support healthy body fat levels by taking a toll on hormone levels and lessening inflammation.


  1. Mental and Emotional Well-being:  In West London and across the globe, there are many people who pick up weights for health benefits, but ended up sticking to it for emotional as well as mental well-being. As per the research of May 2018, it is said that strength training lessens the frequency and severity of not-so-great symptoms (depressive symptoms). Moreover, it also helps in managing anxiety. Furthermore, strength training enhances levels of feel-good chemicals in the human brain, along with impacting levels of a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which supports brain health.


  1. Self Confidence: “Most people don’t start able to do great push-ups or pull-ups, but training to achieve these things and unlocking those new skills is highly motivating,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Albert Matheny, RD, CSCS. Just don’t be astonished If the self-motivation and self-confidence that comes with achieving new strength goals carry over into your life outside the fitness center or where you practice with your personal trainer West London. 

Now, as you know how crucial and imperative resistance training is, please incorporate the same into your daily routine. It will help you in different walks of your life. If you need any help, you can directly get in touch with our team of experts.