It wouldn’t be wrong to say that shoulder pain can ruffle-muffle even the life of a professional athlete. And when it does, you stop lifting weights and performing intense workouts and your entire life only revolves around sessions of heat pads, ice packs, etc. No matter how injured you are, you should never cease your upper–body workout.

In actuality, by strengthening the muscles correctly, chances are you might actually get rid of the issue that is causing you severe shoulder pain. All you need to do is to ensure that you are utilizing the right exercises typically tailored as per your body movements. These moves usually have two things in common, that are-

  • they restrict the range of motion in your shoulder joint
  • they need total-body activation to support your shoulder to move precisely

If shoulder pain is still messing up with your exercising routine, use these underneath-mentioned exercises and continue developing your upper body while giving your joints a much-needed break. Your personal trainer in London will help you perform the correct exercises without pinching the joints.

The Best Pain-free Exercises for Shoulders

  1. Dumbbell Scaption:

The dumbbell scaption perfectly works with your body. Rather than overhead pressing and pinching joints, you only require lifting the dumbbell parallel to your shoulder’s height and developing the same muscles without putting any stress and pain on the shoulders.

Also, you need to lift the dumbbells in front of you, matching the angle of your shoulder blades. Get two dumbbells and hold one –one on each side. Stand straight by keeping your shoulder blades squeezed together and your glutes tight. Raise the dumbbells to your sides and about thirty degrees in front of you. Repeat the same for better results.

  1. Half-Kneeling Landmine Press:

If you are severely suffering from shoulder pain, a half-kneeling landmine press would be the best alternative. All you need to do is- place a barbell in a landmine to make it (bar) become like a lever and start moving in an arc.

This is one of the best alternatives for people dealing with shoulder issues as they don’t have to press overhead. To your knowledge, by getting on just one knee, you will spike your core activation due to the instability challenge.

Get down on one knee and properly grab and hold the barbell with the sides that have the knee down. Compress your trailing glute and try to keep your whole body as stiff as possible while pushing overhead.

  1. Pullups:

To build a strong back, pull-ups are one of the best body-weight exercises. You require the grip strength to support the muscles in the lats and upper back to pull yourself up and touch the bar or rod.

Always remember; to keep your shoulders squeezed together and chest up to make sure you utilize the correct muscles. Seeking your personal trainer’s help in the initial stage will make you perform the workout most appropriately.

Wrapping up

These were the three major exercises you can easily perform under the guidance of your Personal Trainer in London. However, there are many different pain-free exercises; starting with these will be more beneficial.