There is no question; getting back to the gym after a long break from a workout is one of the most daunting tasks. Then, what does not-so-involved in workout people do? Jump on a treadmill; get drilled within a couple of minutes, relax after 10 and give up post 20? That what a maximum number of people do and then crib about no progress- just frustration, sore joints and hate everything about cardio! But, the truth is not even close to the reality. And, that is why we are here to give you peace of mind.
Performing cardio has crystal clear perks in your daily routine. Woefully, lots of people don’t comprehend an hour over the elliptical, a walk on a treadmill, or a 10-15 mile jog in your nearby areas won’t take anywhere.
A fruitful cardio routine involves some key elements. Follow these basics and crucial tips to bounce back to the right track.
1. Plan your workout beforehand
Precisely comprehend what you want to achieve, who you are, and then step on a treadmill, track, or street. You can seek help from a personal trainer. In Surrey, Canada many personal trainers can fill you with needed information.
2. Be strategic with timing
If you are the one who always ends up skipping your cardio, then perform it right after you hit the gym. Moreover, you can even perform it on off days. Just don’t skip it! Ask your personal trainer to remind you to not skip.
3. Concentrate on the task at hand
If you love reading, do it at home. None can combine reading and cardio altogether. When you are in the gym, your aim should be to achieve your fitness goal.
4. Perform a proper warm-up
Doing a proper warm-up will reduce the chances of getting injured and enables your body’s systems for various task. Just skip it once, and you are likely to get hurt.
5. Try to avoid steady-state cardio
If you are training for a long-distance race, you can carry on with your steady-state cardio. But, if not, avoid it completely! Different degrees of intensity usually called HIIT (high-intensity interval training) will boost your metabolism better from steady-state cardio.
6. Add sprints
Either add sprints in your daily workout or as make them a separate workout session. Sprints are known for revering the metabolism and can help in developing muscles in your legs.
7. Prepare a log of your routines and PRs
Isn’t it true that you keep a log of how much weight you lift? It is, right? Then do the same and keep a track of how far you have covered, and of course, the tempo you have used to get there. Understand; numbers never lie! Documenting your progress will help you keep you in tune with what works and what ain’t.
8. Be consistent
Bear in mind; a single power-packed session of cardio has never gotten anyone anywhere, but a regular cardio session definitely has! Therefore, get it regularized and stick with it. A professional trainer can help you get consistent.
By keeping these tips in mind, you can certainly nail any of your fitness goals. For more help, please feel free to get in touch with us.