While having a personal trainer in London with MHPTL makes an excellent choice, it is even more beneficial to add in health checks for enhanced benefits. When you start training under a personal trainer, you need screening and consultation several times during the session.  The idea is to monitor and assess your progress as well as learn about any major risk factors.

Why regular health check is important before you hire a personal trainer in London with MHPTL?

Regular health checks with a personal trainer hold the key to successful training in the long term and assure you optimum health benefits. Given below are some major reasons as to why go for those regular health checks with your personal trainer.


  • Helps in assessing health risks- A health check is seen as a vital process, even before the training starts. Those initial consultations with screening questionnaires help the client, and the personal trainer to know about any possible health risks before charting out an exercise plan for him or her.


  • Helps in preparing the right exercise plan- A personal trainer in London with MHPTL always works and plans on the basis of a client consultation pertaining to his lifestyle, such as his occupation, diet, sleep, and stress levels. That gives him a good idea of the level of fitness of his client and what kind of fitness goals to set for him.


  • Helps in identifying the risk factor- A health check from time to time helps to identify any risk factors with an exercise program and focuses on resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, and flexibility. Those parameters serve as a good gauge for the personal trainer to design the fitness routine for his client and make any modifications accordingly.


It is essential for the personal trainer to know if his client is on a certain medication and if there are any risks involved in starting with an exercise program. Regular health checks keep him apprised about any issues, and he can consult his physician or qualified pharmacist to discuss any possible limitations when beginning any exercise program.

  • Safeguards both, the trainer and the client- The personal trainer in London with MHPTL can learn about the medical history of his clients and if he suffers from any current or prior medical problems. Failure to do this can lead to legal action by the clients in case they get injured while training or develop a health issue.


  • Helps in introducing a new set of exercises– It is essential to get approval from the physician in case when making any changes in the exercise regimen or to increase the intensity of exercise. Once you get the doctor’s approval to exercise after a health check, both the trainer and his client can go ahead with the exercise with confidence and without any anxieties.


Now that you can see the importance and benefits of having regular health checks with a personal trainer in London with MHPTL, both the client’s and his trainer should ensure to carry out those checks on a regular basis for safety reasons as well as to keep away from legal hassles. Just keep the above guidelines in mind and do not ignore the health checks when training.

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