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Why hire a personal trainer in Wraysbury?


If you are prepared to make the final call for embarking on a fitness journey, hiring a personal trainer in Wraysbury can provide the required motivation and accountability in the following ways:

Free consultation

For clients, who are planning to start out, our free consultation gives them a clear idea what to expect from their trainer.

Free taster session (demo session)

A personal trainer in Wraysbury usually provides a 30 minutes’ free taster session to explain as well as understand client’s expectations and their lifestyles.

Free nutrition plans

We help our clients choose healthy lifestyle by teaching nutritious well balanced options for their meals and snacks so that you do not over indulge on one food group

On-Going health assessment and support

Our health support service includes assessment of inflammatory pain, such as neck and back pain and overcoming these with planned workout regimes.

Home training

Training at home with a personal trainer ensures accountability and consistency in workout regimes. Working out in the comfort your home ensure that you do not hesitate and achieve your goals too.

Mobile personal training

Our mobile personal trainer in Wraysbury offers flexibility of working out at a venue that offers both convenience and privacy.

Outdoor personal training

Try training outdoors with our trainers to uplift your mood. We recommend outdoor work outs as it rejuvenates you and refreshes your mind and body.


We encourage continuous motivation by setting fitness rewards for our clients after they have realized a certain goal.

Highly qualified

Our trainers have experience in make adjustments to training programs to ensure better effectiveness. We have female and male personal trainers who are qualified and certified in what they do.

Get results with us

Our personal trainer in Wraysbury ensures effectiveness of specialized workout plans by offering customization.

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