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Why hire a personal trainer in Claygate? 


For most individuals, working out is a task that seldom requires planning. It is far from truth as an unplanned approach to fitness regime mostly ends up in limited or unsatisfactory results. The following benefits of a personal trainer in Claygate deserve special mention.

Free consultation

The free consultation is all about discussion about the client fitness requirements and goals and designing a suitable road map.

Free taster session (demo session)

In our free taster session, the personal trainer in Claygate will explain the workouts with much clarity. It will give you an inkling about the benefits of personal training.

Free nutrition plans

Information and suggestions on supplements intake is a major part of our free nutritional advice. We lay a lot of emphasis on healthy living and well-being.

On-Going health assessment and support

Our trainers work to develop core strength, stability and balance for clients who have a fall injury history. This helps you avoid any new injuries while ensuring you work out correct muscle group.

Home training

Individual or one-to-one attention is one key benefit of having a personal home trainer. Many clients are uneasy about going to a gym. This helps you relax in familiar surrounding.

Mobile personal training

One of the key benefits of mobile personal training is working out in a clean, sanitized, private environment with no worry of crowding.

Outdoor personal training

Outdoor workout with a personal trainer in Claygate offers advantage of adding variety to regular workout routine. It is a rejuvenating experience.


Our trainers motivate clients by keeping a positive attitude and open communication to boost client’s self-esteem.

Highly qualified

Our personal trainer in Claygate is highly trained to guide our clients to make their workout movements accurate and achieve their goals.

Get results with us

Our trainers can train you to handle your workout regimes on your own eventually.

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We offer beginner’s class and advanced training. Contact us to know more!