There is no debating on the health benefits of regular exercise as it can keep you in good shape, improves mood, and prevent illnesses, such as heart diseases and diabetes.

Health experts recommend at least three hours of exercise of moderate intensity every week. As compared to indoor exercising, outdoor workouts are considered more beneficial, refreshing, and engaging.

Do you know that you can enhance the health benefits if you train outside in summers? Yes, it’s a fact and this is why personal trainers these days suggest exercising outdoors in summers. You can exercise on your terrace or in the garden or it could be as simple as taking a walk outside your house or jog to the nearest superstore. Whichever way you want to exercise outside, numerous benefits come along.

•  As the outdoor air is fresher, it is better for your health and fitness. Sometimes, the indoor air quality is a lot more polluted than outdoor air. Thus, it is an added benefit when you exercise outside regularly.

•  When you train outside in summers, your metabolic rate also increases, and results can be seen faster.

•  As you do workout outdoors, you will feel mentally and physically more active and fresher and keep depression and anxiety away. This is because it helps in releasing feel-good hormones.

•  When you train in hot and humid environment, it will improve your heart health by putting stress on your cardiovascular system.

•  Many people also find outdoor exercise a lot more enjoyable and fun. You can even consider going for a walk with your friend instead of meeting over a coffee.

•  As you train outside, you not only exercise in the fresh air but also get plenty of that much-needed vitamin D through sunlight. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D synthesis encourages optimal health by fighting diseases.

•  Moreover, when you exercise outdoors, you are likely to meet local friends and other people living in the community. This is a great way to socialize with them and even get them involved in the exercise session.

•  Activities like hiking or trekking boost the mood immensely. As the mind and body encounter a constantly changing environment, it stays motivated and engaged.

Nature and outdoor belongs to all of us, and one can plan an outdoor workout just about anywhere; it can be near their pool, in their backyard, or in the community park. You get a lot of variety, fun and enjoyment, and much-needed sunshine during an outdoor exercise. Look for a structured exercise program for outdoor training under the guidance of a Personal Trainer in Surrey to enjoy optimal health benefits.

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