Festivities often leave us splurging with some extra pounds. While it feels overwhelming to indulge in chocolate eggs savory and enjoy good food, its aftermath can leave your fitness plan in a fix. SO, we have curated this mini-guide of a few simple measures that will bring back your fitness on track.

Simple tips to get rid of those extra pounds

1. Get your exercise shoes on- Well, the easiest way to keep a check on your weight is by adding some simple exercises to your daily routine. Sweating yourself out not only helps in maintaining the body temperature but is also helpful in removing toxins from your body. So, if you don’t wish to have those extra pounds dumping around your waistline, then it’s important to sweat yourself out.

2. Make the best use of nature– While you can certainly hop into a high-end gym, there is nothing better than working out in the natural environment. Being close to nature keeps you refreshed, and you also get natural resources like Vitamin D, oxygen and fresh air. You can also hire a personal trainer in Surrey for these. They can come to your desired location and at your chosen time.

3. Begin small– One of the key pieces of advice that we would like to share with you is that you don’t need to jump the gun; rather, you must start small. Begin with warm-ups and the smaller set of exercises, and then gradually increase the pace. This way, you will put less stress on your body.

4. Don’t skip your meals– Well, many a time, in a hurry to shed some extra pounds, we tend to skip our meals. This is not a healthy sign, and it’s not good for your body. You need a set amount of calories to make your body function seamlessly. Hence, you must choose to eat healthy, divide your meals so that you are never lagging on those necessary calories. Skipping meals can increase your weight so don’t do this.

You can also adopt different techniques to achieve fitness like you can opt for aerial yoga, power yoga, or a group fitness program guided by a personal trainer. The end objective is to keep your body healthy and shed out all those extra calories that you have gained over the long Easter weekend. Remember a healthy body means a happier life.

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