If we have to make a pick for a set of exercises that improvise your overall physical fitness, then cardiovascular endurance exercises are the best. Cardiovascular endurance basically involves three major muscle groups that control the overall functioning of a human body – heart, lungs and blood vessels. All these are set of complex muscle groups and cardiovascular endurance exercises are done to enhance the working capacity of these muscle groups which affect the overall efficiency of human body.

Besides, there are several other benefits also, but you must choose right set of exercises as per your body type and status to get the right results. And to help you in this, role of a personal trainer is highly recommended. They are experts in this field with years of experience in dealing with different body types, so they are the best to take you on this journey of cardiovascular endurance.

Benefits of cardiovascular exercise:

The best part about cardiovascular exercise is that it helps in overall health development. Some of the benefits of cardiovascular exercises are:

1. It helps in improving the heart rate.
2. It enhances blood circulation.
3. Helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity.
4. Reduces excess body weight.
5. Reduces the blood pressure.
6. Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL)

Why hire a personal trainer?

Most of us head towards a gym for gaining optimal fitness level, but hiring a personal trainer in North London is always more beneficial. Below mentioned are some of the reasons explaining the same.

1. They will focus on your strength and weakness- One of the first advantages of hiring a personal trainer is that they will help you learn the basics of cardiovascular exercises first. They will plan a regime for you based on frequency, intensity, type and time of the exercise. They will help you in choosing right set of cardiovascular exercises, how many reps and sets you should do for improving your endurance and also make sure that you don’t overdo it.

2. They will make your exercise session versatile- People often get bored and exhausted if they continuously do high-intensity exercises. It will not only make your workout routines boring, but it will also lead you to weight loss plateaus where you will stop losing weight. Having a personal trainer will bring new perspective in your old routine and make it more interesting and challenging. He will try new ideas and new equipments and modify your regime accordingly to add more fun and versatility. They can club together different cardio workouts like HIIT training, circuit training, cross-training to make it more interesting.

3. Get the results- If you have been on a cardiovascular exercise routine for several weeks or months and you haven’t seen any significant result, then personal trainer can be of great help to you. Trainer will first evaluate your program and verify whether you have set realistic goal or not. He will accordingly modify the workout program to deliver effective results and make it more efficient. He will add the required training also when needed.

So, now you know why hiring a personal trainer would be a good choice for you if you are looking for cardiovascular endurance.

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