As winter passes through and spring descends, we all develop the urge to get out in the open and bask in the sun. So, why just go out – let’s work out in the open. Get out of those closed gyms and step into spacious outdoor spaces for a refreshing training session.

And if you’re in London or Surrey, outdoor workouts with a personal trainer can offer a range of benefits to enhance your fitness journey.

Why is it important to workout in the weather transition to spring? 

Remember, making the transition from training in closed spaces to open as during spring can offer several benefits. The increasing daylight and warmer temperatures provide the perfect environment to rejuvenate your exercise routine. Outdoor workouts allow for increased exposure to natural sunlight, which can boost your mood and enhance your vitamin D levels. Also, exercising in nature has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety while improving overall mental health. 

Advantages of exercising in the open in London and Surrey 

Doing your workout outdoors offers our clients a chance to connect with nature and take a break from their regular city life. No matter if it is a park or a beautiful trail in Surrey and London, these cities provide you with many spaces where you can continue your personal trainer sessions in an outdoor environment with our personal trainer Surrey and personal trainer London. 

Doing workouts in the open has several other benefits as well. When you train in the open, there are factors at play. Uneven terrain and weather conditions stimulate you to make more efforts and burn calories. You will be able to lose weight more effectively as opposed to working out in the gym where you are training with the AC on. 

Our Methodology at My Home Personal Trainer (MHPT) 

At MHPT, we are dedicated to incorporating different exercise types, proper techniques, tailored workout plans, and continuous client support. 

MHPT not only provides a personal trainer for your own, but also offers you the freedom to exercise anytime that suits you and whatever place you are comfortable training. 

You can request a range of sessions – individual sessions, group sessions and even sessions for couples. Our experts have a rich background in training clients from different backgrounds. We have trained beginners, experts, and athletes and helped them achieve their fitness goals. 

All our trainers are certified and offer mobile personal training sessions. They visit your preferred training location and bring along all the required equipment to offer you a convenient training experience.  

Also, our personal trainer Surrey and personal trainer London specialize in offering strength training, bodybuilding, yoga, and flexibility sessions. So, no matter what your fitness goal is, we will help you reach your goals. 

Don’t wait to start on your fitness journey. Our network of personal trainers are available to help you. Get a free consultation and we will pair you with a certified trainer who matches your needs.