Super Tips to Stay Hydrated in Hot Weather

The water level in our body maintains osmoregulation and acts as one of the main ingredients of most metabolic activities. Be it regulating cellular respiration or maintaining the plasma volume, water is needed in the human body. The excess of the fluid is expelled out of the body in urine and sweat, which increases during summers.

This is why it has become important to stay hydrated during the hot weather season. This article will discuss how you can maintain the water needed in your body.

Helpful tips to stay hydrated during summers

Drink water and plenty of it

The first and foremost way to stay hydrated during the hot weather is to drink water in plenty. Always carry a water bottle whenever you are going out to ensure that you won’t have to depend on the shops for getting a new water bottle. Also, when you are indoors, make sure to set alarms for drinking a glass of water so that you don’t forget this important task because of the busy schedule.

Include more Fluid-Based Foods in your Diet

Not everyone likes to drink water, especially the kids and teens. So, as an alternative, include water-based foods in the diet. You can find information about the same on the internet, but if you wish to get the right knowledge and information, a personal trainer will be helpful. They know about the types of foods you can eat to maintain your body weight and regulate the water content during the summer season. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, grapes, mangoes, berries, peaches, and others will help maintain the water balance. Besides, having salads, coleslaw, raw vegetables, smoothies, and juices will also help replenish the water lost from your body.

Understand the Signs of Dehydration

Everyone needs to know the signs of dehydration. This way, you can increase your water intake when you experience any dehydration symptoms during hot weather. Some of the major dehydration signs you have to look for are:

  • Dizziness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Increased body temperature
  • Nauseatic feeling and vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  •  Medium to dark yellow coloured urine

Avoid Caffeine, Sugar, and Alcohols

One of the best ways to stay hydrated during the summer season is by avoiding too much alcohol or caffeine. Both these drinks tend to cause dehydration as they reduce your body’s capability to absorb water. Also, they tend to decrease your thirst, thereby preventing you from drinking more water. So, keep a check on the caffeine intake.

Always Maintain your Body Temperature during Exercise.

During the summers, exercising outdoors is not a good idea, especially if you have a heavy-duty fitness chart. Outdoor exercises will expose your body to the sun’s heat, which will cause dehydration and improper body temperature regulation. So, keep the temperature at bay and prevent excess water loss. In addition, train indoors so that you don’t sweat profusely. Suppose you don’t wish to get into an exhaustive exercising routine during the summer season. In that case, you can seek the assistance of a professional Personal Trainer Surrey who can prepare a simple yet, an effective training program for you.


To maintain the water balance in your body, you must take proper fluids and avoid exposing yourself to the scorching heat of the summers. You can use alarms to remind you of drinking water or use a tracker to measure how much water you have drunk and how much more your body needs. With these few clever steps, you will be able to stay hydrated even in mild to extreme hot weather conditions.


Why should I join Group Fitness Classes?

Reaching the gym at 6:00 AM becomes a mountainous task, and it eventually leads to making us sluggish to hit the gym every day. But it leaves us with a lot of guilt for missing out on the training and gym sessions. While we may have hundreds of excuses to skip our gym, but when you have a group of your favourite people surrounding you, you will always have a motivation to stick to your exercise regime. In this blog, we share all the positive reasons that will motivate you to maintain a regular workout session.

Wonderful benefits of group workouts that will convince you to exercise regularly

1. Make your Exercise Session a Fun-Filled Experience

You can spend hours with your friends. So, why not bring the fun to your fitness sessions. You can make a group of friends who are interested in personal workout training. You can also hire a personal trainer who provides the right guidance and assistance to your group. They will let you know the right way to exercise and they can add some fun activity in your training module. While your friends will make fitness sessions fun-filled, the fitness coach will keep the sessions disciplined and well-structured.

2. Why get Bored When you Have your Gang

Honestly, one of the major reasons for you to drift away from your fitness goal is that you don’t feel motivated to go to the gym. If you are working out all by yourself, then you may start losing interest because of the monotony and lack of guidance. Doing the same exercises every day can be monotonous. If you have a fitness frenzy person in your gang, they can also add the new set of exercises, making the exercise sessions not so boring. Moreover, with variations in your fitness regime, your training sessions become more exciting. Apart from that, you can get proper support from your friends to do a particular exercise.

3. Save the Cost

We all know that gyms charge a humongous amount, and many of us pay the amount in excitement, but over a period of time, we fail to turn up to the gym. To avoid this hassle, you can have your friends working out with you. At the same time, if you hire a personal trainer in London, he or she will prepare a customized fitness program for your group. They will track your fitness regime and will also guide you on how you can achieve your fitness goal. Sometimes, trainers can offer you a discount on the group training because they will get more students at a time and they can earn a fixed amount from a batch. In this regard, you can talk to your trainer.

Concluding thoughts

These are some of the basic elements that are going to be helpful in making your fitness class worth the time, effort and money. You must start talking about the same in your group. You can invite like-minded people, and they are going to help you to make your sessions a blissful experience.

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Useful Tips to Stay Hydrated in Hot Weather

Summer brings with it heat waves and humid air conditions that result in excessive sweating. It is vital to understand water is one of the most crucial elements for survival.

Human body is composed of 60% of water, and loss of water in the form of sweat can lead to dehydration. In case of dehydration, if one is not hydrated quickly, the condition can lead to severe consequences, ultimately affecting mental and physical functioning.

There are numerous tips that your Personal Trainer will give you to stay hydrated during the hot weather. Before discussing them, know how to identify the symptoms of dehydration.

In order to combat dehydration, you must know the signs so that you can identify them with ease. Observe if your skin displays inflammation or itchiness. Moreover, notice the drying of the skin. Other symptoms include feelings of fatigue, muscle cramps, dark color of the urine, fainting, etc.

Below tips will help you stay hydrated in summers.

Drink Lots of Water

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to drink water throughout the day. However, the intake varies depending on sex, age, and other factors. Start and end the day with at least one cup of water. Moreover, consume a glass of water with each meal. You don’t need to wait for your throat to get parched to drink water!

Opt for Natural Juices

Consume natural juices that are without any added sugar. It promotes hydration while supplying the body with vital nutrients. These nutrients can ultimately aid you in staying active. However, you must be careful while purchasing the bottle. For this, check out the ingredients list carefully.

Avoid Alcohol

Having a drink might sound tempting on a hot evening, but it is something that you must avoid. Alcoholic drinks remove water from the body. That is why it is advisable not to take alcohol during the hot weather. Instead, have water or natural juices.

Go for Cool Showers

It is vital to understand that cool showers don’t necessarily hydrate the body. They just keeps the body cool and prevents sweating. That, in turn, blocks the loss of fluid.

In order to stay fit, it is vital that you keep yourself hydrated in the summer season. If you intend to continue your workouts, make sure you have a chat with your Personal Trainer before continuing the same regimen.

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Best Exercises to Tone those Arms

We all aim to achieve a fit body and physique. But often, the results are not what we expected. Have you ever wondered, why? Well the answer is very simple, only dieting is not going to help you achieve that tones body. It is necessary to perform some sort of exercises every day. In this blog, we present to you 3 simple exercises for your arms. Toned arms not only look good, but they also help in boosting the overall physique. The right set of exercises are going to give you the right results.

Unfolding 3 simple ways to achieve toned arms:

Bicep curls– This is a prototypical arm exercise and quite an easy one. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. Make sure you stand with your feet comfortably apart, this will give you balance. With arms by your side, hold the dumb bells in your hand and make sure your elbows are close you your body. Exhale as you curl up the arms moving the dumbbells towards your shoulder with your elbows pressing in. stay there for a second or 2 and inhale as you bring the dumb bells down. Beginners can do this 12 times in 2 sets and make sure to rest for at least for 90 seconds before you start the second set.

Hug a tree– Well, flabby arms are a trouble zone for most people. One of the ways to get rid of this is by regularly following this exercise. For this, you need to hold a dumbbell in your hands. Raise your arms to the level of your chest and open them wide as if you are about to hug someone. Make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent and so you exhale bring your arms in front of you maintaining the level and as you inhale take your hand back to the starting position. Do this 10 times in sets of 3 to get a desirable result. Do not forget to take rest between the sets, it’s very important

V-exercise– This is the best toning exercise. In this exercise, you have to hold dumbbells in your hands and keep them on your hips. Now as you exhale move your hands straight up drawing a V and as you inhale bring back to the starting position. You have to lift your hands up forming a V-shape. You do not bend your elbows in this one. To get effective results, you have to regularly follow this exercise and repeat it 10 times in sets of 3.

The Bottom Line
These are some of the easiest exercises that you can follow every day to tone your arms. It is always a good practice to hire a Personal Trainer in West London because they will be able to correct you if you make any mistakes, they will also correct your postures while performing the exercises. Incorrect postures can result in injury to the muscles.

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7 Rules For Eating A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet and staying healthy is not that difficult if you are keen to stay healthy. Nutrients that you need for a balanced diet are Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water in specific quantities. If you are not sure about them, it is best to ask your personal trainer for a personalized diet plan and follow the same. Considering the health benefits of eating a balanced diet, you must adhere to it. The rules are straightforward, and one can effortlessly follow them. Let’s check them out.

Cut Down Processed Food – Processed food items are not good for health. Mother Nature has given us enough food, and consuming fresh food not only provides nutrition but also does not have any side effects. Fresh foods are free from preservatives and chemicals and are a must for a balanced diet without causing any health hazards.

Cut Down The Quantity – Cutting down the portion does not mean being on a complete diet. Eat that much which you can burn out and stay fit. Do not overeat even when you are eating balanced food thinking it will not harm you.

Control the Craving – Eating a balanced diet does not mean that you cannot eat junk food occasionally. Just be careful to eat them in moderation. However, it is best to control the craving for junk food. Keep cheat days to a minimum.

Cook Your Meals – Cooking your meals is a great idea if you want to stick to a balanced diet. You can follow your Personal Trainer in Surrey instructions and avoid using extra sugar, spices, and sauces and cook healthy food.

Learn New Recipes – Eating balanced food does not mean that you eat only boiled vegetables or food free from oils. There are many lip-smacking low-cal recipes using healthy ingredients. Learn the recipes and cook exciting meals.

Look At The Ingredients – Read the contents of any food packet that you buy. Choose the ones with healthy ingredients. Also, see if there are any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Buy them after reading the contents and weighing all the pros and cons.

Concentrate On Eating – Concentrate on what you eat and do not get diverted to other things while eating. Eat slowly, enjoying your palate. Stay relaxed while eating so that you can make the most out of the food you are eating.

It is not tough to follow the tips to eat a healthy balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet and staying healthy should be the primary focus of all for healthy living.

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How to get Back on Track with your Fitness after the Easter Weekend

Festivities often leave us splurging with some extra pounds. While it feels overwhelming to indulge in chocolate eggs savory and enjoy good food, its aftermath can leave your fitness plan in a fix. SO, we have curated this mini-guide of a few simple measures that will bring back your fitness on track.

Simple tips to get rid of those extra pounds

1. Get your exercise shoes on- Well, the easiest way to keep a check on your weight is by adding some simple exercises to your daily routine. Sweating yourself out not only helps in maintaining the body temperature but is also helpful in removing toxins from your body. So, if you don’t wish to have those extra pounds dumping around your waistline, then it’s important to sweat yourself out.

2. Make the best use of nature– While you can certainly hop into a high-end gym, there is nothing better than working out in the natural environment. Being close to nature keeps you refreshed, and you also get natural resources like Vitamin D, oxygen and fresh air. You can also hire a personal trainer in Surrey for these. They can come to your desired location and at your chosen time.

3. Begin small– One of the key pieces of advice that we would like to share with you is that you don’t need to jump the gun; rather, you must start small. Begin with warm-ups and the smaller set of exercises, and then gradually increase the pace. This way, you will put less stress on your body.

4. Don’t skip your meals– Well, many a time, in a hurry to shed some extra pounds, we tend to skip our meals. This is not a healthy sign, and it’s not good for your body. You need a set amount of calories to make your body function seamlessly. Hence, you must choose to eat healthy, divide your meals so that you are never lagging on those necessary calories. Skipping meals can increase your weight so don’t do this.

You can also adopt different techniques to achieve fitness like you can opt for aerial yoga, power yoga, or a group fitness program guided by a personal trainer. The end objective is to keep your body healthy and shed out all those extra calories that you have gained over the long Easter weekend. Remember a healthy body means a happier life.

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