Body posture is essential for making a good first impression and conveying your sense of self-assurance. It’s not always simple to improve your posture, though. Exercises alone won’t work at this point; therefore, you’ll need a personal trainer in Surrey.

You must understand how to perform it correctly and make sure your body is positioned according to the known scientific principles. Your Surrey trainer will assist you in determining the body parts that are most likely to be the problem. Additionally, they will impart helpful standing and sitting behaviors.

What are some of the most common reasons for poor posture?

Bad lifestyle habits

Numerous daily activities have a huge impact on our posture. Particularly excessive technology use can aggravate postural problems. This is shown by the emergence of “text neck” or “tech neck” a condition brought on by a forward-facing head and neck. Hours spent working at a desk without the right ergonomic support can also lead to postural problems.

Muscle weakness

Certain muscle groups may become weaker than others due to insufficient activity. As a result of the body being forced to rely on a certain muscle group for stability, which can cause stress and pain in that area, this might result in bad posture.


Muscle spasms around the site of damage occur as a natural response to keep the wounded area stable. However, recurrent spasms can weaken particular muscle groups, leading to eventual muscular imbalance and bad posture.

How personal fitness trainers can help with posture improvement?

It takes more than just assuming a pose to have a proper posture. Additionally, maintaining a consistently straight back requires more than simply building up your muscles. You need to alter your sitting, standing, and even sleeping positions to enhance your posture. This is where a personal trainer in Surrey comes to the rescue!

Teaching You How to Sit at Your Desk Correctly

There is no ideal way to correct your posture if you spend most of your day on a computer, tablet, or phone. It is because extended sitting is bad for your spine. If you don’t sit at your desk properly, it could be disastrous for the rest of your life. A qualified personal trainer will teach you how to do it.

Making Certain You Perform Home Exercises Correctly

Having good posture also entails engaging the appropriate muscles at the appropriate times. You must be aware that there is a high likelihood that you will cause more harm than good if you are not performing your home exercises appropriately. Your personal trainer in Surrey gives you a workout schedule and encourages you to exercise at home for the greatest results.

Teaching You How to Sit, Stand, and Walk Properly

Not only having a back that is fully straight counts as having proper posture. It entails maintaining straight arms and appropriate head and hip alignment. Your trainer will make sure that as you sit down or stand up, your posture adjusts as well.

Ensure You’re Sleeping in the Proper Position

We spend one-third of our life sleeping, so for us, it’s like a second job. If we don’t handle it properly, there could be a major issue. Your fitness trainer will demonstrate the best sleeping practices so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Contact My Home Personal Trainer to get the best of the fitness industry. We help find personal trainers in Surrey who can help you correct your posture and stay fit so you may live a long and healthy life!

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