Running is considered as one of the best forms of exercise, but people often feel short of breath when running too fast. Many people complain that faster running impacts their breathing, and they lose their efficacy while running. So, we have enlisted a few tips that will help you support your breathing and let you know the right way to breathe more easily and effectively to ensure no problem occurs while running.

Tips to follow:

1. Breather from your Stomach- The first step that you need to follow is to breathe from your belly. Most of the people tend to breathe from their chest which is known as shallow breathing, and this isn’t the best way to increase oxygen intake. Shallow breathing doesn’t allow full usage of lung capacity while breathing. When you are running, you need to inhale the right amount of oxygen, and the right way to ensure this is by breathing from your stomach or diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing maximizes the intake of oxygen and relaxes your body as a result.

2. Inhale and Exhale from the Mouth- Another piece of advice that we would like to give is that you must breathe from both mouth and nose. Only breathing from mouth can result in hyperventilation, whereas breathing only through nose won’t provide sufficient oxygen while running. Hence, you must emphasize on using combination of both mouth and nose for inhaling and exhaling while on the run. This way, you can maintain a steady oxygen intake and exhale out carbon dioxide in a better way. For, this you need to practice inhaling and exhaling from both mouth and nose. With this basic tip, you can increase your intake of oxygen, thereby enhancing your running performance.

3. Follow Breathing Exercise- If you really wish to gain the most from running, then you must follow some breathing exercises. These specific breathing techniques help to optimize function and capacity of lungs and also help to develop breath awareness. You can achieve this by practicing any of the following breathing exercise that best suits your body:

i) Equal breathing
ii) Numbered breathing
ii) Alternate nostril breathing

4. Rhythmic Breathing- You must emphasize this aspect. Rhythmic breathing allows maximum inhalation of oxygen without putting much stress on your body. Every time you run, the force impacts your body and leads to stress. To prevent this, one must alternate exhaling between right and left foot. Rhythmic breathing puts less pressure on the diaphragm, thus balances the stress impact on the body. You can follow a 3:2 pattern, inhale for 3-foot strikes and exhale for two.

5. Check the Weather- If you are prone to allergies, you must check the weather. For example, certain weather conditions trigger an asthmatic response. To overcome this, you must avoid running in those weather conditions that trigger such a response.

Concluding Note

These are the basic tips that you can follow to enhance the efficiency of running and get the maximum benefit from it. Regular running ensures good heart health and also keeps your body fit. You can use treadmill for this, but for best results, running in the fresh air is always considered the best.

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