We all aim to achieve a fit body and physique. But often, the results are not what we expected. Have you ever wondered, why? Well the answer is very simple, only dieting is not going to help you achieve that tones body. It is necessary to perform some sort of exercises every day. In this blog, we present to you 3 simple exercises for your arms. Toned arms not only look good, but they also help in boosting the overall physique. The right set of exercises are going to give you the right results.

Unfolding 3 simple ways to achieve toned arms:

Bicep curls– This is a prototypical arm exercise and quite an easy one. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. Make sure you stand with your feet comfortably apart, this will give you balance. With arms by your side, hold the dumb bells in your hand and make sure your elbows are close you your body. Exhale as you curl up the arms moving the dumbbells towards your shoulder with your elbows pressing in. stay there for a second or 2 and inhale as you bring the dumb bells down. Beginners can do this 12 times in 2 sets and make sure to rest for at least for 90 seconds before you start the second set.

Hug a tree– Well, flabby arms are a trouble zone for most people. One of the ways to get rid of this is by regularly following this exercise. For this, you need to hold a dumbbell in your hands. Raise your arms to the level of your chest and open them wide as if you are about to hug someone. Make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent and so you exhale bring your arms in front of you maintaining the level and as you inhale take your hand back to the starting position. Do this 10 times in sets of 3 to get a desirable result. Do not forget to take rest between the sets, it’s very important

V-exercise– This is the best toning exercise. In this exercise, you have to hold dumbbells in your hands and keep them on your hips. Now as you exhale move your hands straight up drawing a V and as you inhale bring back to the starting position. You have to lift your hands up forming a V-shape. You do not bend your elbows in this one. To get effective results, you have to regularly follow this exercise and repeat it 10 times in sets of 3.

The Bottom Line
These are some of the easiest exercises that you can follow every day to tone your arms. It is always a good practice to hire a Personal Trainer in West London because they will be able to correct you if you make any mistakes, they will also correct your postures while performing the exercises. Incorrect postures can result in injury to the muscles.

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