The constant feeling of pain in your lower back can create a lot of discomfort. Being up on your feet for most of the day or you need to bend over to reach for something at some point can become a tedious task due to this kind of pain. Anyone can suffer from lower back pain and at any point, as it is not just limited to the elderly or people who are over a certain age range. There are numerous reasons that contribute to or can cause lower back pain among people of all ages. One of the most common causes of this kind of pain is constantly sitting for too long. People who work desk jobs or any job that requires sitting in one place for too long are at high risk of suffering from lower back pain.


Lifestyle choices and modifications can also contribute to lower back pain. Some other well-known factors that cause lower back pain are health conditions such as arthritis and stenosis which is caused by the narrowing of the canal of the spine. Other common causes include bad posture while sitting and standing, sports and work injuries, genetics, lifestyle, among other factors. People can sometimes experience sharp and sudden lower back pain, and at other times it may be felt much later or after an injury.


For any kind of lower back pain, either chronic or mild, it is best to seek out professional help to prevent further damage. An experienced health professional will give you a proper diagnosis using all the right equipment to make all the necessary findings. After getting a diagnosis, proper medication and the right treatment plan will be prescribed for the lower back pain. In the meantime, there are certain exercises that you can perform to ease the lower back pain. Here are the home exercise you can do to ease up the lower back pain you feel;


  1. Single Knee Hug

You start out the position lying on the floor face-up and have your feet to the floor, with your legs slightly spaced hip-width apart and knees bent. Lace your hands together behind one knee and gradually draw the knee to your chest until you are stretched comfortably. Tighten the abdominal section and hold the position for five seconds. Unlace your hands and return the knee to the starting position. Do this for the other leg as well, with three reps for each leg.


  1. Seated Spinal Twist

Here, you need to sit on the floor with both legs stretched out in front of you. You will then need to bend your right knee and place it on the outside of the left thigh, placing your right arm for support, and the left arm on the side of the right knee. Now twist your body starting from the base to the right side and stay in this position for about a minute. Repeat the same step for the other side of your body and do the stretch about two times.


It is pertinent to make suitable lifestyle adjustments while also being conscious of our posture for a longer-lasting solution. Pain killers can also ease the pain temporarily, along with the exercises mentioned above. You should seek out professional medical attention for persistent or chronic lower back pain. This could be as a result of other health factors which can only be found by visiting medical personnel.