Does the pain in your lower back disrupt your much-need sleep at night? You might be wondering if you have had any injuries recently. However, most of the time, it is due to the weakened core muscles. The core muscle, which is the abdominal muscle and back muscle combined, needs to be strong. If it is at its prime, it prevents back pain and helps in easy movements.

Top exercises to strengthen the lower back and abdominals

There are numerous exercises that can help you gain strength in the core muscles. You must take this seriously as old age tends to weaken these crucial muscles. Take a look at these exercises detailed here.

Trunk curl
To do this exercise –
• Begin with lying on the ground with arms on the chest in a criss-cross way and knees bent (both).
• Now, use the abdomen’s upper muscles to elevate the trunk portion of your body from the ground slightly.
• You must hold this stance for at least 5 seconds.
• Now, lower down the trunk part slowly towards the ground.

Note: The exercise is specifically meant to lift the chest rather than the neck or head.

Knee-to-chest stretches
To conduct this exercise –
• Lie down on the ground and bend the knees but keep your feet firmly on the floor.
• Now, with both hands, pull the left knee towards the chest.
• Hold the position for at least 5 seconds, and make sure that your spine presses onto the floor.
• Then, relax the position and try the same with the right knee.
• Repeat the entire exercise 2-3 times. You can do this two times per day.

Back Extension
To conduct this exercise –
• Firstly, take a fitness ball, lie down, and ensure that your chest and hips hug the ball. Keep the face down, arms crossed, while you straighten the legs behind.
• Then, slowly elevate your chest from the ball and make sure that the shoulder blades are in the direction of the sky.
• Hold this position for a breath and then release.

Note: You can also open your arms in a flying stance to help you do the chest lift.

Exercises are vital if you want to get rid of the never-ending back pain. If you conduct these exercises daily, soon, you can develop a strong core. However, make sure that you set up realistic expectations when it comes to achieving fitness goals.

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