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MHPT LONDON provides the convenience of scheduling personal trainers in London according to your preferred time slot. We offer customised fitness training programs suitable for individuals of all ages and at every moment.  Our commitment lies in adapting our programs to meet your evolving requirements during your association with us.

Whether you prefer training in the comfort of your own home, at your workplace, or amidst nature’s embrace, our dedicated personal trainers in London will happily accommodate you at the location of your choice. They will prioritise your comfort and tailor the services accordingly.

By availing of our services, you get the flexibility to choose the training time and location at your convenience along with expert guidance from our esteemed personal trainers at MHPT LONDON.


Are you physically unwell? Are you hesitant to work out because of your age? MHPT is with you. Our personal trainers know how to work with people of different age groups and manage their health issues effectively.


As every individual is different, one training program is not suitable for them.  So, personal trainers at MHPT offer customised training programs based on your needs and convenience, helping you to achieve your fitness goals.


Our personal trainers are not restricted to any location, meaning you can choose any location of your choice for training. They are comfortable training you at your home, office, nearby park or any other location.


Without proper nutrition, you cannot achieve your fitness goals. Personal trainers at MHPT will give you an idea of what nutrition you need and provide FREE nutritional advice along with physical guidance.


Our personal trainers at MHPT can train both beginners as well as athletes and help them achieve their fitness goals. The fitness level of the clients doesn’t matter as our trainers can handle them all properly.


Flexibility is important in a fitness training program to make you comfortable. MHPT gives you the freedom to work out whenever and wherever you want under the professional guidance of our personal trainers.

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Struggling with health issues? Wish to lose weight? Feeling hesitated because of your age? With us, no need to worry. At MHPT, we cater to all people, regardless of age and fitness goals.



All personal trainers in London at MHPT aim to help people achieve their goals. So, we offer personal training programs that can be updated based on your fitness needs and convenience.



You get to choose the training location of your choice. MHPT personal trainers in London are always willing to train wherever you feel comfortable, whether it is your home, office, or a park.

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Not have an idea of what nutrition you need? Feel like you can never leave nasty habit of junk food behind? No worries. We can help you. With us, you will also get FREE nutritional advice.

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From beginner to athlete, our fitness training programs are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter your fitness level. So, whether you are frail or overweight, contact us.



Flexibility meets fitness with our on-demand fitness training program. With us, you will enjoy the freedom to work out whenever you want and wherever you want with expert guidance.


  • Male and female trainers
  • Minimum level 3 qualified
  • Fully insured
  • Reps registered
  • Equipment provided
  • We come to you
  • Free consultation
  • Free trial session
  • Free nutrition plans
  • Free on-going health assessments


We are here to help guide you with our certified personal trainers in London and achieve your fitness

Areas covered

  • Covering all of London and surrounding areas. 
  • North London
  • East London
  • South London
  • West London
  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Essex
  • Kent
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  • COMPLETE ATTENTION FROM YOUR TRAINER: The greatest benefit of hiring our personal trainers is that you will get their undivided attention throughout the fitness sessions. They will focus on your training only as they are your mobile personal trainer. You can give up all your inhibitions and focus on your fitness regime as there will be no one around. Your personal trainer will devote the entire time to improve your physique and fitness level.

Now that you are aware of some very good reasons for having a mobile personal trainer, hire today! Searching for a “personal trainer near me” shouldn’t be a hectic choice for you now. My Home Personal Trainer London (MHPT LONDON) brings to you the opportunity hire most skilled and trained personal trainer to stay healthy and active with no worries.

There are many good reasons as to why one should hire a “personal trainer in London”. For most people, hiring a mobile personal trainer is indeed one of the best decisions that they make to achieve the goal of a fit body and a healthy mind. After all, it is not easy to achieve optimum health levels without sound advice and training. But once you have an experienced mobile personal trainer by your side, nothing can stop you from reaching your health goals and maintain higher fitness levels as per your needs.

Key Reasons Why Anyone Should Hire a Personal Trainer in London:

  • COMPLETE HEALTH ASSESSMENT- As you do not know your body fully, only expert personal trainers who carry the experience can guide you on what kind of training, cardio, or nutrition would be good for you.
  • SETS FITNESS GOALS–As you do not know how to set the right goals based on your body and health, the personal trainer can customize your personal goals and keep them well aligned to your lifestyle.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT EXERCISE–When it comes to fitness, then one size doesn’t fit all, and one has to choose the right exercise to get the best result. This is only possible when you have a mobile personal trainer.
  • PREPARE THE RIGHT NUTRITIONAL PLAN- As you do not know if you are eating right, your personal trainer can help you as he/she understands the relationship between food and exercise and provides you with the right nutritional advice.
  • KEEP YOU MOTIVATED- Keeping oneself self motivated on the path of fitness can sometimes become difficult, but your personal trainer can step in and keep you motivated consistently.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS- A mobile personal trainer can steer you in the right direction and monitor your progress.
  • CUSTOMIZED FITNESS PRACTICES: At My Home Personal Trainer London, every mobile personal trainer understands your needs and requirements in a better manner. They will know of your physical limitations as well as any injury or disease that you may have. Based on that, they will offer you tailor-made fitness solutions which you can adopt as per your health conditions.
  • FITNESS TRAINING AS PER YOUR SCHEDULE AND CONVENIENCE: When you search for “personal trainer near me” and hire one from MHPT, you get to practice your fitness sessions according to your schedule and convenience. Our trainers in London will take time out for you and offer fitness training in your free time.
  • COMPLETE ATTENTION FROM YOUR TRAINER: The greatest benefit of hiring our personal trainers is that you will get their undivided attention throughout the fitness sessions. They will focus on your training only as they are your mobile personal trainer. You can give up all your inhibitions and focus on your fitness regime as there will be no one around. Your personal trainer will devote the entire time to improve your physique and fitness level.
  • Now that you are aware of some very good reasons for having a mobile personal trainer, hire today! Searching for a “personal trainer near me” shouldn’t be a hectic choice for you now. My Home Personal Trainer London (MHPT LONDON) brings to you the opportunity hire most skilled and trained personal trainer to stay healthy and active with no worries.

A lot of people start their exercises or gym routine with great enthusiasm. They get up on time and try to exercise regularly. However, just within a few weeks, they no longer feel motivated and leave their exercise regime midway. Having a personal trainer can indeed make a huge difference in your attitude towards your exercise and fitness.

There is a growing demand for personal trainers in London. People have become inclined towards their health, and many people are hiring a personal trainer. The rising demand indicates the popularity of personal trainers. A personal trainer is a professional who possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience to design a safe and effective fitness program that is individualised and allows one to reach their personal health and fitness goals easily and effectively.

As a personal trainer at MHPT London is typically driven by a passion for fitness, he/she is forever motivated to share his /her experiences and knowledge with the clients. These trainers are serious about their profession and help people live a healthy lifestyle. They design a fitness regimen that is doable and enjoyable and help the clients understand their body and know what it is capable of. They help their clients to reconnect with their body both mentally and physically and give them time to learn the exercises without getting discouraged. Their job is to create a workout that not only helps you reach your goals but also what your body can handle.

There are many benefits of working out under the supervision of a personal trainer; they are going to assess your progress, and work on the missing areas. With a personal trainer in London by your side, you will learn that you are stronger than you think and can do a lot more than you think.



Busy schedules, excuses, cheat days, and you keep your exercising hours on the shelf for days. Days pass by turning into months, and you hardly give time to some serious exercising.

In excitement, you also join a gym, but it all turns out to be in vain as you cannot focus on exercising, and you soon drift away.

However, investing your time and effort into integrating work out timings, rules and sessions at home, can sometimes fit in best for you. A personal trainer, versatile hours of exercise as per your convenience, and staying in shape sounds like the ideal package, isn’t it? You can get it all at My Home Personal Trainer London. So, here you go, dig into why you should choose to workout at home and all that you can gain at once.

What could be a more convenient place and comfortable ambience than your own home to begin your exercise journey? And to make your exercising regime more effective, you must hire a personal trainer in London. They will professionally train you to get back in shape. You can now get highly qualified and professional personal trainers from My Home Personal Trainer London at your doorstep, convenience and timing. However, this is not all, but while considering a tailor-made service like this, you got to count on all the overwhelming benefits of adhering to your workout sessions at home.

Convenience and Workout Hand in Hand

  • Convenient timings as per your schedule
  • Flexibility and comfort are abundant
  • Comprehensive privacy, no workout space sharing
  • Completely hygienic environment, no sharing of gym machines
  • Pick your own ambient space for working out
  • Save time by eliminating gym visits
  • Maintain social distance by avoiding the gym
  • Be confident with no eyes on you, no judgement, no embarrassment
  • Wear anything you are comfortable in

Manage Household Chores and Workouts at a Time – Amongst the several benefits of working out at home under the guidance of a personal trainer, you also get the leverage to work out as per your comfort. You can devote your time to your house chores and other work and then continue with the exercising.

Whether you are a homemaker busy with kitchen chores, kids and home management, or you are clipped to work all hours inside your house or rushing to offices to manage excessive work stress, exercises get the last priority.

But not anymore as you can design your workout sessions right inside your home without heavy investments on workout machines. Custom designed exercise sessions can lock out all your excuses for skipping a workout and motivate you most healthily. By booking a personal trainer at My Home Personal Trainer London, you can immediately fetch:

  • Free consultation
  • Free trial session
  • Free nutrition plan

You can even seek to meet a personal trainer in person. Once again, time, place and appointments are all made as per client convenience and preference. Whether you want to meet your trainer and have a word with her/him at office or house, or any place else, your preference gets through as the final word.

Besides, a free consultation and trial session allow you to understand the workout program you need for a healthy lifestyle. You can experience the comfort and advantages of personal physical training at home. What can be any better than getting the chance to experience and their avail? Along with all the personal attention, care, motivation and custom nutrition plan from your personal trainer, you can always feel free to ask, clarify any doubts anytime without being conscious of who thinks what.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay your fitness journey and hire a personal trainer London to make your body healthy and fit.


Benefits of Fitness Session Outdoors

Office, household chores, laziness and rushing for work from one place to another- all make our lives so busy that we seldom focus on our physical fitness. It is because of this that many people are suffering from different ailments.

Fresh air, greeneries, birds, animals, flow of life and nature around, whether it is the open blue sky or the trees, or waves at the beach, science have always acclaimed the intense positive influence of nature on human brain and health.

According to Mathew White of the University of Exeter, 120 minutes amidst nature every week can have an accountable, positive impact on one’s health. The invincible power of nature can consolidate greater benefits to your workout sessions. And if you do not know how then go through the benefits of working out outdoors below:

  • Workout outdoors is completely free
  • Revives your mind with the freshness of nature around
  • Adapting to the distractions and challenges outside, your body works harder
  • Abundant resource of Vitamin D
  • Walking down trains, running in beaches, alleviates mood and revives freshness of mind
  • Apart from these, there are many advantages why you would like to craft your next workout sessions in outdoor from tomorrow.

Improved Blood Pressure Control

Outdoor physical activities integrate more distractions for the mind. However, this could be taken in a positive sense where open air, nature around lessens the boredom and stress, allowing you to go the extra mile and take more physical activity than your brain allows you indoors. Studies have revealed that physical activity outdoors can control blood pressure and help to sustain a healthy heart.

Energetic Feel

Amidst nature, chirping of birds, lush green trees and grasses beneath you, limitless blue sky, every soul feels free. Nature has a spontaneous appeal to the human brain where you feel more energetic and fresher, ready to take up new challenges. To make your workout session even more rigorous and performance-oriented, you can seek the assistance of a personal trainer in London. Professional personal trainers at My Home Personal Trainer London value the effect of fresh open air and help you strain the most out of outdoor workouts, with workout guidance and monitoring, as per your schedule and preference.

Fight Insomnia

Outdoor exercising sessions are mostly more energetic. High-end physical activity helps to boost the release of endorphins. Insomnia, on the other hand, is directly affected by stress, anxiety, and depression. Endorphin helps to diminish anxiety levels, stress, by elevating your mood and enhancing better sleep. Besides, outdoor exercise increases your body temperature, which naturally lowers after a while when you stop exercising. As the body temperature reduces, the brain gets signal that the body needs rest, which improves sleep.

Book a Consultation!

Whether you are suffering from insomnia or lethargic towards a gym session or don’t have a suitable set up for a workout in house, an expert trainer from My Home Personal Trainer London can help you to drive on a healthy and fit path by arranging outdoor workouts. Not only you get comprehensive assistance and guidance, but even an arrangement of the free trial. So, don’t wait any further, hire a personal trainer in London today.


Importance of Nutritional Program to Get the Best Out of Physical Workouts

Food is the necessity of living beings. However, today with all the buzz about junk foods, fast foods, hectic lifestyle, poor food habits, it is rather important to understand the importance and difference between food and healthy food. People are now getting inclined towards junk and sugary food, these are palatable, but its aftermath can be adverse on the body.

It is true that the busy and over the edge lifestyle of today have compelled people to adhere to poor food habits. But at the same time, eating junk food has led to multiple diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, overweight, etc.

Regular exercising and eating healthy is a great way to enhance physical health. One of the ways to achieve this is by hiring a personal trainer. At My Home Personal Trainer London​, professional trainers and nutrition experts help you focus on physical fitness with physical workouts and offer a free nutrition program to assist you in obtaining a healthier tomorrow. Besides following a nutritional program allows you to grab in a lot of benefits.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Healthy growth and development
  • Better immunity
  • Healthy physique
  • Improved energy level
  • Lower risk of certain diseases
  • Strong bones and muscles
  • Improved sleep and metabolism

What is Nutritional Program?

A Nutritional Program is nothing but a healthy diet, with comprehensive resources of protein, vitamins, fats, dietary fibre, etc. Planning the right proportion of each food type to get the required amount of nutrient and calorie in every meal makes a nutritional program. A personal trainer will not only help you with the right set of exercises, but they also let you know about the right proportion of diet that will help you sustain your fitness level.

There is a core relation between physical activity and healthy food diet. Physical activities are purposed to obtain a healthy and active body to maintain a good physique, obtain strong bones and muscles, reduce weight, put on weight, and so on. However, only physical activity cannot fulfil any of these purposes without a well-planned, nutritionally enriched balanced diet.

Eating well is highly essential for all, and mostly for sportspersons and those adhering to workouts as:

  • Helps to gain strong muscles and bones.
  • Reduces the risks of illness with improved internal immunity.
  • Weight Management and Nutritional Program

When you engage in physical exercise, it quite naturally exhausts your energy by burning your calories. The high amount of energy is craved when your muscles need to contract during a workout, your heart rate increases, metabolism gear up, and all of these together helps to burn the extra fat depositions or calories.

However, it is a misconception that only excessive workout or physical activity can reduce weight. Burning calories without a proper diet can result in illness, as the body requires a supply of energy to burn the extra calories. Balanced diet supplies proportionate amounts of nutrients to the body, which helps you get essential vitamins, protein for strong muscles, nutrient for immunity, etc.


At My Home Personal Trainer London, experts offer the free nutritional program with physical training and comprehensive assistance to get the best out of your sweating workout sessions. You can also book a FREE consultation to know more about what kind of diet is ideal for you, your nutritional requirements as per your workout schedules, exclusive diet recommendations for weight loss and so on.


If you have been looking for a “personal trainer near me” for a long time now, connect with My Home Personal Trainer London. We will offer you exhilarating fitness sessions under the guidance of our personal trainers. Generally, a single session tends to last around one hour. When you meet our mobile personal trainer in London for the first time, they will assess your requirement, expectations, physical constraints and capabilities, and much more.

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